Summary: A Glorious church is Spiritual, singing, shouting, submissive and a Scriptural church.

A Glorious Church

Ephesians 5:18-27

1. A Spiritual Church. [v.18]

· Sins Are Confessed.

· Self is Crucified.

· The Spirit Has Control.

2. A Singing Church. [v.19]

· Sing Scriptural Songs.

· Sing Spiritual Songs.

· Sing Soul-Stirring Songs.

3. A Shouting Church. [v.20]

· When Are We To Shout?

· What Are We Shouting About?

· Who Are We Shouting For?

· Who Gives Us The Authority To Shout?

4. A Submissive Church. [V.21-25]

· The Example Of The Spouse.

· The Exalting Of The Saviour.

5. A Scriptural Church. [v.26-27]

· Teach The Scriptures.

· Trust The Scriptures.

· Take The Scriptures.

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