Summary: Israel simply refused the reasonable worship of God. Instead they burdened Him with unreasonable sin. If Israel was to be delivered it would be because of God’s grace & not because of Israel’s response to God’s promises.

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ISAIAH 43: 22-28


It is not because of Israel’s right response to YAHWEH’s promise of help that He will deliver them. Rather than responding humbly, His people had grown wear of Him. They simply went through the motions of religion. Though God had not burdened His people with unreasonable sacrifices and offerings, they refused to worship Him. Instead they had burdened Him with unreasonable sins. If Israel was going to be delivered it would be because of God’s grace not because of Israel’s response to God.

Our salvation and deliverance is always because we serve a God of grace and mercy. It was so then, and it is so now. He forgives our sin because of who He is, not because we deserve it. We who would worship Him in Spirit and truth must come before Him trusting in the shed blood of His sacrifice and not in our own merit.




In verse 22 God lets His people know that His promised deliverance would not be because of any hold they had on Him. His loving actions toward them are grounded in covenant grace. “Yet you have not called on Me, O Jacob; But you have become weary of Me, O Israel."

In spite of the goodness of God toward them, Israel or Jacob had not properly responded to Him. So God reproves His people for ignoring Him. They had been formed for the purpose of praising God (v. 21) but they had “not called on Me.” Calling on the name of God encompasses all our worship of God, the central part of which is the seeking of the Lord. The people had forgotten God even in their worship. They had quit seeking His face. Those who neglect to call upon God, are weary of Him.

God’s list of problems with His people continues in verse 23. “You have not brought to Me the sheep of your burnt offerings; Nor have you honored Me with your sacrifices. I have not burdened you with offerings, Nor wearied you with incense."

Burnt sacrifices required offering up a valuable animal because one recognized his short-comings, his sin against God. It involved seeking God’s forgiveness through substitutionary spilt blood on the altar. Israel had not brought God these sacrifices.

The problem was that Israel had tried to turn YAHWEH into their servant rather than recognize Him as their Master. Burdened Me reads literally, "you made a servant out of Me" (or "you made Me serve you)." Instead of being the servant of Yahweh, Israel tried to be His master. God became weary from trying to deal with Israel and their sins (Butler, OT Commentary, Isaiah, 239).

God had not forced Israel into unreasonable servitude. Nor had He worn them out with excessive demands. God was trying to teach them the seriousness of their sins before Him. They were trying to manipulate God for their purposes.

Israel was also unwilling to go the extra mile and use their hard-earned money for special offerings for Yahweh as verse 24 conveys. “You have bought Me no sweet cane with money, Neither have you filled Me with the fat of your sacrifices. Rather you have burdened Me with your sins, You have wearied Me with your iniquities."

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