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Summary: God often caters to human nature. He will not bend in some areas, but He is more flexible than many Christians I know! Sometimes He gives us what we ask for, even if it is not the ideal

1. Most of us start out adulthood as idealists. As we grow older, it is

natural to surrender that idealism for a more pragmatic idealism...but we need to hang on to some of it.

2. God is sometimes an idealist, other times a pragmatist; He is an

idealist in that He has a perfect plan, and He will bring it to pass; He is pragmatic in that He makes concessions to human nature.

3. How black and white is God? A lot more black and white than some think, a lot less black and white than others think.

MAIN IDEA: God has an ideal will for us, the course He wants us to take; but He also sometimes makes concessions and leads us in His less than ideal will, His best direction in light of where we find


TS-------------> Samuel’s experiences demonstrate this.

I. The Background (Chapters 1-7)

1. Samuel prepared (prearranged) from birth---Hannah dedicated (chp.1)

2. A set apart upbringing under Eli (maybe that’s your calling, parent)

3. God calls while a lad (teens: don’t have to be an adult to be useful)

4. Gains reputation/esteemed in all Israel: a true prophet of Yahweh

5. Contemporary of Samson (East)

6. Revival under Samuel...turn to the Lord...Philistines (7:10, 12-13)

II. The Controversy:To Have A King or Not?(chapter 8)

1. Samuel precipitated/accelerated/provoked the problem

-----2 sons appointed as judges, both corrupt/sinister

2. The people sent leaders to request a king...(8:4)

3. Samuel understood the implication of request: rejection of God as King (8:4) refusing, spurning, withdrawing from His leadership...

4. Samuel explained the downside of having a King...

(1) taxes

(2) conscription

(3) less freedoms, more regulation...

5. The people did not care...stubborn, headstrong, obstinate, bullheaded ....determined, resolved, trenched in....(19-20)

6. What does God say to all this? (21) Consent.

MAIN IDEA: God has an ideal will for us, the course He wants us to take; but He also sometimes makes concessions and leads us in His less than ideal will, His best direction in light of where we find


III. What Lessons Can We Learn from This?

1. The call to conform, accomodate, acquiesce, comply, agree with society is one of the devil’s most potent tools...the herd instinct...the craving to fit in....(8:4, 8:20)....

--------Rom. 12:1-2

-------following Christ, taking up cross...willing to be disgraced,

embarassed, humiliated---not unnecessarily....

-----if you feel life is worthless if you don’t follow the crowd, you have limited, restricted, confined, lessened, curbed, restrained, what God can do in your life......some fruit, could have more...

2. But note this: God sometimes makes concessions and works through even those who are only partly surrendered (relinquished control) to the Lord...hopefully you have surrendered your life to the Lord...

(1) I Samuel 12:19-23

(2) Aaron spoke for Moses

(3) Hezekiah --2 Chron. 30:18-20...unclean for Passover

(4) God will not flex everything (Gal. 1:18)

(5) Absolute truth is a good concept, but be careful what you put in that category...make sure God does...

3. So, if you haven’t yet made a mess of your life, don’t start! Be chaste until you’re married, keep away from drugs and false teaching, get into the Book....put yourself in a position to see God’s ideal will worked out in your life...

4. If you have already made a mess of things, remember God has a plan for you from this time on....it might not be as glorious as could have been originally, but it’ll be okay---if you repent

5. And for all of us, let’s not be more rigid than God. Let’s rear our kids with occasional exceptions to the rules--but not the absolute ones. And let’s check our understanding of God with what we see in the Scripture. For some of us, it means tightening up our view of God; we have made Him into a kindly, permissive grandfather. Others of us have made Him into an unbending drill sergeant. The truth is, He is some of both. Give Him room for both. And give others that room.


1. Find God’s will from where you are (2nd marriage....make it work)

2. Did not rear first child(ren) well...correct for ones left....grandchildren

3. Life filled with sin....repent today....

4. Unsaved...it is not too late....90’s

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