Summary: Sometimes we do not clean out the garbage of our lives as thoroughly as we should. God gives us instructions for thorough cleaning.

A Good Cleaning

Psalm 32:1-5

I. The problem of sin

A. It destroys - Rom. 6:23

B. It creates inner turmoil and anxiety vs. 3

C. It hampers your walk with God, creating distance and seperation

D. It destroys your credibility as a servant of God

II. A thorough cleaning

A. Recognize the problem - Ignoring sin does not make it go away -

Matthew 7:3-5

B. Detail out the problems - don’t leave any out vs. 5

C. Use the proven rememdies

1. Confess

2. Repent

D. Replace with something that glorifies and fulfills - Ps. 51:10-13

1. Prayer

2. Praise

3. Bible Study

4. Ministry

III. A fresh result

A. The fragrance of God’s touch upon your life is sweet

1. The aroma permeates all areas of your life

2. The aroma is pleasing to the Lord

3. The aroma is noticed by those around you 2 Cor 2:14b-16

B. Jesus in your life brings about vs. 1-2

1. Change

2. Openess

3. Joy

4. Freedom

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