Summary: You can be a good person and still die lost and go to hell. You can be a bad person and die saved and go to heaven.


A) When Jesus preached and taught among men on earth, He found that there were some men

which trusted in themselves that they were righteous!

* It was to them that He spoke this parable ... And if He preached in America today, He would

need to preach it again!

* The kind of religion which trusts self and claims righteousness above others was an abomination

to the Lord Jesus in Palestine over 2000 years ago. * He hates the same sin today just as much!

* And it’s not only a sin most hateful to God, but most dangerous to the people who commit it!

B) Self righteousness is the most wicked of all sins because it covers sin, excuses sin!

* It leaves no room for penitence which God so greatly desires, and feels no need for mercy which

God is so willing to give!

* It is the most dangerous sin because it is the one least likely to be confessed and forsaken and the

least likely to be brought to God!

* This is a double sin ... The man who trusts in himself that he is righteous, despises others!

* Pharisees always despised Publicans, and the man who claims holiness is the quickest to despise

others! * I have found that very prevalent among those who speak in tongues!

* Those who trusts in themselves also despises others, so it’s a double sin that Jesus rebukes in this

parable! * Do you trust in yourself that you are good?

* Do you feel that you are better than others? * Then to you Jesus gives this message!

(1) A GOOD MAN LOST – V.11-12! * He really was a good man!

* We’ve been taught to despise the Pharisee, but here we ought to credit this man with the high

morality that he had for himself!

* Jesus, who told the story, did not deny anything the Pharisee said!

* Jesus used this Pharisee in Luke 18 because he was a good man! * 6 things .......

A) One: The Pharisee Went To Church! * And that is in his favor .......

* Because no man can either be a good citizen of his country or be an example to those about him

or be what he himself ought to be who doesn’t go to the house of God!

* It is greatly to the credit of this Pharisee that he went up into the temple!

B) Two: He Went To Pray! * He was not like the fool who said in his heart, “There is no God.”

* He was not like the calloused and indifferent who do not believe in prayer!

* He wasn’t like the profane soldier who never prays until he’s in a fox hole! (Sailor)

* No! This man prayed to God and he did it regularly and in public, in the house of God he prayed!

C) Three: He Was No Extortioner! * The word means “one who snatches away.”

* No doubt he had the publican in mind when he said that! * A Publican was a tax collector!

* This Pharisee was no extortioner, taking by foul means!

D) Four: Nor Was He Unjust! * The word used here is a general term meaning wicked or

unrighteous! * Christ divided all men into two classes when he said in Matt. 5:45 .......

* “God sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

* In that sense the Pharisee was just, not unjust! * He was classed with the righteous, not with

the wicked ... He was a good man!

E) Five: He Was No Adulterer! * He said so and Jesus didn’t deny it!

* He revered his home ... He kept his marriage vows, and his wife trusted him!

* He never feared the shame of exposure of a secret love affair!

* He was an upright, moral man, a good man in the sight of all who knew him!

F) Six: He had a sincere zeal for religious things! * Not only did he go to the house of God .......

* Not only did he go there to pray to God ... But he brought his tithes into the temple!

* One tenth of his money was sacredly given to the support of the house of God!

* That in itself proves a certain genuineness in his religion ... Sincerity of his heart!

* And get this ... He fasted twice a week! * Many a man never takes time to think about God .......

G) But not the Pharisee! * Two days out of seven, he’d fast and pray!

* He must’ve had a genuine desire to please God! * He gave of his time, his money, and regularly

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