Summary: Sermon written for a choir annual day.

“A Good Thing”

Psalms 92:1

In this 19th book of the Bible, admits its 150 chapters, 2,461 verses, 43,743 words, we find the three words that formulate the subject of this message, “A good thing.” Now the book of Psalms is broken up into divisions or subcategories, and book four where Psalms 92 is arranged carries a theme for instructions for the future of Israel. In other words, it is an instruction as to how the children of Israel, God’s elect people, the church, are to behave themselves, especially on the Sabbath. For the Jews on Saturday, for us on Sunday. Although the Sabbath is a day of rest, and I should not be working in the field, tending to my animals, washing my car, painting my house, cutting the grass, barbecuing and drinking, there is something that is good to do, the Psalmist declares , ”It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.”

First of all because it is a privilege to do so. God allows us, He admits us, He permits us to give Him thanks. There are so many that do not have the chance, who are not given the opportunity each day to thank the Lord. Some did not make it here today. Somebody died last night, somebody is dying right now, and they will not have the chance give thanks to the Lord. Don’t you know creation gives thanks unto the Lord, because it is a good thing? The birds give thanks to Him with their sweet, sultry, songs in the morning time. The Sun gives thanks by ascending with a great shout and bursting forth with beams of radiant light in the morning time. The green grass gives thanks as it grows with up outstretched blades up toward heaven as if it were arms, saying thank you Lord, for letting me grow here where I have been planted! Therefore, the Psalmist declares, “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord!”

Secondly, because it is a good thing. It is pleasant, it is proper to do so, it is right, it is best, it is delightful, to both us and to God. It carries with it the connotation that God smiles on it, and we should be happy to extol Him. It is a good thing! We know we can’t give God anything, for how can we give God anything, when He has everything! However, we can offer and render unto Him thanks. It is a good thing, the Psalmist declares to give thanks to the Lord. He does not need us to thank Him. Some of us believe God needs our half baked, half done, halfhearted thanks. If God’s existence, power or majesty, depended on our thanks, He’d be gone by now. Our thanks is fair weather thanks. I’ll thank Him when I feel like it. I’ll thank Him when everything is going fine. I’ll thank Him when my pockets are full. I’ll thank Him when there is no trouble. I’m singing in the choir, I am making rehearsal as long as I lead every song, or I am the leader of my section, or we sing every song I suggest. But as soon as a rain cloud pops up. As soon as they pick someone else. As soon as the pick a choir robe color I don’t like. As soon as somebody else becomes choir president, I stop singing, I stop going to rehearsal, and I stop giving God thanks! As soon as the money gets funny and the change becomes strange. As soon as our health fails and we get a diagnosis, we stop thanking the Lord. The Psalmist did not indicate in the Psalm what type of situation to give thanks unto the Lord. He said, “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.”, which lets me know anytime, any place, or anywhere, in any state I may find myself in…it is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord! Giving thanks unto the Lord certainly has its benefits! Am I right about it? Is there someone here that has benefited from giving thanks unto the Lord? In contrast to the dangers of ingratitude, the benefits of a thankful attitude include: Guarding against ungodly attitudes and works. Teaching God’s "way of give," as we give thanks. Promoting good spiritual, mental, moral and physical health. In addition, it is good common sense (mother wit) to thank God when He has answered our prayers. After all, we undoubtedly will need help again! The Psalmist says it is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.”

Who do we give thanks to? Unto the Lord. LORD should be in all capital letters in your bible. Every time we see this it is a proper name of God and it denotes Jehovah, which means the Self- Existent One. This name for God appears in the Old Testament 6,823 times, and signifies God is self sufficient to exist. His existence depends on no other. I have always existed in the past and will always exist in the future! I am that I am! I know you want to give thanks to your Momma for making you so fine. I know you want to give thanks to your Daddy for giving you good hair, and all those muscles! I know you want to thank your plastic surgeon for improving your curves and boulevards. I know you want to thank the makers of wigs, eyeliner, mascara, toupees, hair grow, but we should be thanking God! Yes, we should thank folks that do some things for us, but we should thank God that does everything for us! We should acknowledge and thank God for His loving kindness and faithfulness toward us. In His love and faithfulness, He had endowed us with so much. We should constantly think about blessings and thank God for them, and be careful not to take them for granted: His truth, which He continues to reveal to us. His gifts, spiritual and physical, that He continually pours out to us. His church and our part in it. His ministry and their unstinting service to us. Our brethren and the opportunities for fellowship with and service to them. Our families and their health and prosperity. Our nations and all the blessings that accrue from our citizenship. And myriads of other gifts and good things He bestows so freely. It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.”

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