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Summary: This psalm celebrates the blessings of home and family life. Agricultural images are used to illustrate God’s blessings on those who trust Him.

A Happy Home

Psalm 128:1-6

The ninth song of ascent or degrees, this psalm celebrates the blessings of home and family life. The ancient feasts of the Hebrews were family affairs. The family shared in rejoicing in God’s goodness to them as they traveled toward Jerusalem for the feasts. As they encountered other families they made new friends and renewed old friendships. Children played together. Adults conversed as they walked. In the evening camps all would gather around cooking fires and share stories and sing. This is one of the songs they would sing. Today this psalm is sung at Jewish weddings and is called “The Marriage Psalm”.

I. God rewards those who trust Him (1)

A. “Blessed” = happy

B. “who fears the LORD” = respect, revere

C. “LORD” = personal name of God representing His presence and character

D. “who walks in His ways” = lives an obedient life

II. Specific rewards of trusting and obeying Him (2, 3)

A. The satisfaction of work (2)

B. The satisfaction of family (3)

III. Pronouncement of blessings (4-6)

A. Restating the theme of blessing (4)

B. Personal blessings (5-6a)

1. Stability

2. Longevity

C. Communal blessing (6b)

1. Peace upon Israel

The psalm features agricultural images to illustrate how God blesses those who trust Him. The image of a wife as a fruitful vine in the home and children as olive plants growing around the table illustrate prosperous family relationships. It is sad to think of the blessings on our families we miss because of our failure to trust God and to obey Him.

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