Summary: Adapted from Tim Hawkings book and study Awesome on the inside.

Awesome on the Inside #1

A Heart that is Powerful

Intro: Image is everything

It is not hard to understand the message that the media tries to present as the “ideal” teenager or person or family.

TV, movies, magazines, internet advertising and radio all tell us how our lives should be.

The problem is that the image that they suggest falls short of what God says about us – and we risk settling for something less than best.

Spend a couple of minutes discussing

1. What the ads on TV say

2. What God says

“God want to change us from the inside.”

— Tim Hawkins, “Awesome on the Inside”

How different are the 2 lists?

How do you think this makes it hard to be a Christian?

As we look inside out we will explore the character and behaviour of the most religious people of Jesus’ Day – the spiritual leaders – the Pharisees to see what we can learn about living our lives as God wants us to.

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Inside and Outside: Matt 23:1-28

vv. 1-3 Obeyed the law -- Did not practice what they preached

vv. 4-7 They made demands on people they did not do themselves -- It is all about appearances

v. 15 Travel over land and sea to win a new convert -- People attracted to Pharisaism not to God -- Missed God for the regulations -- Encouraged greater hypocrisy in converts

v. 23 Tithed ten percent -- Neglected important aspects of the law

i.e. Justice, mercy and faithfulness

v. 24 Notice the little things -- Miss the big things

vv. 25-26 Clean on the outside -- Inwardly hearts were corrupt

vv. 27-28 Outwardly appearing righteous -- Inwardly full of hypocrisy and wickendess.

God’s Power in Me: Ephesians 1:17-23

Personal knowledge of God

Complete assurance of certain victory through God

God’s power in me to do anything

Support of the church

God’s Definition of Prosperity: Joshua 1:5-9

To be strong and courageous – as the task ahead is not always easy

Obey God’s law

Read and study God’s word


You may not succeed by the world's standards, but you will be a success in God's eyes — and his opinion lasts forever.

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