Summary: This sermon challenged us to move ourselves into position, through faith, to see miracles happen in our lives.... and maybe even see Giants fall.

Text: 1 Sam. 17

Anyone here this morning believe in Miracles? Do you believe that God still unleashes his

miracle working power in the lives of His people?

The Smart Family this week witnessed a miracle, and they are giving glory to God for

bringing home thier daughter after being kidnapped for over 9 months. Didin’t you just

celebrate with them as you saw thier faces of joy?

I believe that God not only is still performing miracles in the lives of His people, but the

truth is that He wants too..... He not only is cabable of performing miracles.... miracles of

healing.... miracles of spiritual breakthrough.... miracles that break through bondage to

sin.... miracles that break through bondage to addiction..... the list is endless, because His

power is unlimited, and His Love for His people doesn’t ever run out.

To be honest, I believe most of you here this morning believe in the power of God to

perform miracles, to step into our lives and do something supernatural that we couldn’t do

on our own. It’s not a matter of us not believing it can happen, but what I want to ask

you this morning is simple, “Will We See a Miracle Here, In our lives, In our Church?”

I believe as I read Scripture and study the Word, that we can put ourselves in Miracle

working territory. In other words, by our Faith, by our Actions, we can have access to

God’s Miracle working power, and that’s the place I want to live.... don’t You?

On the other side of that belief, we can also put ourselves in a place where there is no

power, there is no supernatural work going on........ In other words, by our lack of faith,

by our lack of action, we can put a barrier between ourselves and God’s Miracle working

power...... and friends, that’s not where I want to live..... how about You?

So let’s investigate just one great event, Let’s look for reasons that God’s Power was

unleashed in the life of this man..... Why did God use this man to perform what

seemed to be impossible? Why was this man so confident that God was going to

perform a miracle on his behalf, what gave him the confidence? And, maybe the most

important question, Is this kind of Miracle working power available to me, in my life,

in our church, in our battles?

One of my favorite Bible stories is found in 1 Sam. 17. The true historical event of

Scripture..... The epic battle between a giant Warrior of a man named Golieth vs. a young

shephard boy, whose Faith was bigger than the whole army of Israel.

When I read this story, I think this is what it would be like if I tried to step into the

ring with Mike Tyson..... This is what it would be like if I tried to out spend Bill Gates....

This is what it would be like if I tried to outsign Michale W. Smith..... are you getting the

picture.... it’s not pretty..... The odds are stacked..... but what we are going to read really

happened.... and David really did get into the ring.


This morning as we investigate this story I want to answer those three questions I raised

earlier, the first one is : Why did God use this man to perform what seemed to be


One thing that I find as I read this story is that God just didn’t pick anyone to take on this

Giant..... God wasn’t up in heaven playing innny, minnnny, minnny, moooooo, who can I

pick to Go?

As we look at the life of David, and we are asking ourselves, “Why did God pick David?”

As you study the life of David, we realize that first of all David didn’t have it real easy in

life. He was the youngest brother of eight brothers.... he was the baby. Don’t you know

he was picked on by his older brothers?

How many of you had an older brother or sister? Did they tend to pick on you,

did they take advantage of you because you were younger? Of coarse they did, that’s

what older siblings do.... I know I did.....My younger sister still has emotional scars.

In Chapter 16 of 1 Sam. we find that the Prophet Samuel has been ordered by God to

annoint the next King of Isreal. God ordered Samuel to go to David’s Father’s house,

Jessie was David’s father’s name. Samuel started looking over these brothers to find the

one that God wanted to become the next King of Isreal..... Samuel saw the oldest son,

Eliab, and thought, “Surely the Lord’s anointed stands here before the Lord.”

Do you know how God answered Samuel? Listen to his words found in 1 Sam.

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