Summary: This sermon focuses on Joseph as a good example of a A Humble Man for a Heavenly Mission

A Humble Man for a Heavenly Mission

Matthew 1:18-25


When God moved in time to send His Son Jesus into the world, God chose the perfect vessel when He chose the virgin named Mary. Of course, since the birth of Jesus was to be a virgin birth, there would be no need for a human male to father the child. However, because Jesus was coming into this world as a helpless infant, and since God was sending His Son into this world to live in poverty and not splendor, there would be a great need for someone to provide for the needs of this child. Therefore, God chose the man Joseph to be the earthly caretaker of His heavenly Son.

I would like for us to take a little time this morning to look into this passage. I want to point out some details of Joseph’s life that mark him as a man God could use in a heavenly mission.


(Joseph was a man hand-picked and personally prepared by God for a special mission, his life was not without its trials and tragedies. A quick look at what Joseph faced and how he reacted can help us as we seek to become all the Lord would have us to be.)

A. The Tragedy Of Shocking Discoveries – v. 18

As you know, this man Joseph is betrothed to a young woman named Mary. Both parties were expected to keep themselves pure for the day they physically came together as husband and wife. It was during this period of time that Joseph discovers that Mary is pregnant. No doubt, she shared with him her side of the story as the phrase “she was found with the child of the Holy Ghost.” But, who had ever heard of such a thing? Joseph knows where babies come from and to him, this is a shocking discovery!

B. The Tragedy Of Shattered Dreams – v. 18-19

No doubt like most men, Joseph was looking forward to the day when he and Mary came together to share their lives. He was probably preparing the home where they would live. Then, like a cruel slap in the face, came the news that shattered all his hopes and his dreams. Mary is pregnant and Joseph is not the father. It was a time of shattered dreams.

C. The Tragedy Of Sorrowful Decisions – v. 19

Now, Joseph is faced with a dilemma. The Bible says that he was a “just” man. This means that he was “righteous and one who kept the divine laws.” He knows what the Law says. It is quite clear! When a woman is found guilty of adultery, she is to be stoned to death, Deut. 22:20-22! But, Joseph determines that he does not want to embarrass Mary publicly; he does not want to see her stoned to death either. No doubt the things Joseph pondered broke his heart. It was a time for sorrowful decisions!


(In the middle of this great tragedy in the life of Joseph, God placed a call upon him. God assigned Joseph a task that many would have balked at; but it was a task that Joseph embraced and completed by faith. A great tragedy may have marred his life, but this task marked his life.)

A. The Task Involved Divine Revelations – v. 20

Joseph is told that the child Mary carries is no ordinary baby. He finds out that Mary’s child is the Son of God.

B. The Task Involved Definite Requirements – v. 20-21

Joseph is instructed that he is not to divorce Mary and he is not to have her stoned; but he is to take to himself as his wife, and he is to embrace her child as if He was his own Son. Joseph is told to name the Child, thus he is given the responsibility of caring for and of providing for the Baby Jesus. This man is handed a difficult task.

C. The Task Involved Delightful Realizations – v. 21-23

After hearing what is required in his task, Joseph learns the amazing truth. The baby Mary carries is to be fulfillment of the greatest promise God ever gave to man.

You see, God has a plan for your life. The task He has for you to fulfill may not be easy. But, along the way, there will be some times when Heaven will brush up close to the earth, and God will give us a little glimpse of that which He is doing in our lives. It is those moments that make the tasks He assigns bearable.)


(The real test of maturity is not what a person faces in life, nor is it revealed in what they are called on to do. The real evidence of the depth of a person’s character is seen in what they do with what they are handed.)

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