Summary: Synopsis of the Book o Joshua

A Jet Tour Thru Joshua

I. The Name of the Book - Joshua

A. Joshua - (Heb. YEHOWSHUA) meaning, “Jehovah saved”; so named because of the

leading character of the book.

B. The Book of Conquest

C. The Battlefield of Canaan Heritage

II. The Author of the Book - Joshua

A. Most of the book was evidently written by Joshua.

1. The writer was evidently an eyewitness to and participant in the events recorded (5:1, 6)

2. The events were recorded shortly after they occurred (6:25)

B. Scripture presents Joshua:

1. As a Son (Josh. 1:1)

2. As a Slave (Ex. 24:13)

3. As a Soldier (Ex. 17:9-16)

4. As a Servant (Num. 11:28; Josh. ‘hI)

5. As a Spy (Num. 13:11-If;)

6. As a Saviour (Josh. 1:2)

7. As a Statesman (Josh. 24)

8. As a Saint (Deut. 34:9)

a. He was filled w/ the Spirit of God (Deut. 34:9)

b. He enjoyed the presence of God (Josh. 1:5; 6:27)

c. He was indwelt by the Word of God (Josh. 1:8)

d. He was obedient to the will of God (Num. 32:12; Josh. 5:14)

III. The Recipients of the Book

A. Not specifically stated

B. Intended for the nation of Israel to further document their national heritage.

IV. The Date of the Book

A. The book covers about 30 years, from Moses’ death to Joshua’s death.

B. Written about 1370 B.C.

V. The Keys to the Book

A. Key verses - 11:23; 21:43-45; 24:15

B. Key Words

1. Inherit - 63

2. Possess - 24

VI. The Purpose of the Book

A. To establish God’s faithfulness to fulfill His promise to give Canaan to Israel (23:14)

B. To show how Israel failed to completely possess the land (18:3)

VII. The Outline of the Book

A. Claiming the land (ch. 1-5)

1. Joshua charged (ch. 1)

2. Jericho spied (ch. 2)

3. Jordan crossed (ch. 3)

4. Memorials built (ch. 4)

5. Gilgal occupied (ch. 5)

B. Conquering the land (ch. 6-12)

1. Fall of Jericho (ch. 6)

2. Sin of Achan (ch. 7)

3. Sack of Ai ((ch. 8))

4. Guile of Gibeon (ch. 9)

5. Rout of all foes (ch. 10-12)

C. Colonizing the land (ch. 13-24)

1. Division of Canaan (ch. 6)

2. Cities of Refuge (ch. 6)

3. Portion of Levites (ch. 6)

4. Altar of Witness (ch. 6)

5. Farewell of Joshua (ch. 6)

VIII. The Presentation of Christ in the Book

A. Joshua (Gr. JESUS) - The Saviour, the provider of rest (Heb. 4:8-11)

B. The Captain of the Lord’s Host (5:14)

IX. Practical Applications from the Book

A. Internalizing God’s Word is the key to success (1:8)

B. Effective leadership demands strength, courage, and faith (1:6)

C. Sin interrupts spiritual progress (ch. 7)

D. The choice to serve God is yours (24:15)

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