Summary: This the third in the series that attempts to take the listener to the scene at Golgotha.

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A Journey to Calvary

Matthew 27:26-54

I. What Things Would We See?

A. We would see a crowd

1. Who is present?

• The political enemies of Jesus

• The religious enemies of Jesus

• Only a few followers

2. Who is not present?

• The rest of the twelve

• The seventy that were sent out

• The many that had been healed

B. We would see a suffering Savior

1. He was humiliated in trial

2. He was tortured for sport

3. He was nailed to a cross for YOU! (Isaiah 53:5-11)

C. We would see God’s forgiveness and grace

1. In His reaction to His enemies (Luke 23:34)

• He chose to forgive the seemingly unforgivable

• He set the standard for forgiveness (Eph. 4:32)

2. In His response to the thief (Luke 23:43)

II. What Things Would We Hear?

A. We would hear those gathered around the cross that day

A. We would hear the voice of the critics (v. 39-40)

B. We would hear the voice of the religious (41-43)

C. We would hear the voice of the criminals (v. 44)

D. We would hear the voice of the curious (v. 48-49)

E. We would hear the voice of the soldiers (v. 54)

B. We would hear the reaction of creation

1. Darkness would envelop the land (v. 45)

2. The earth would shake violently (v. 51)

C. We would hear the voice of our Savior

1. The voice of care (John 19:26-27)

2. The voice of grace and forgiveness (Luke 23:34, 43)

3. The voice of His anguish (v. 46b)

4. The voice of victory (John 19:30)

III. What Things Must We Realize From His Death?

A. His Death Was Necessary

1. Sin had to be paid for ( Romans 3:21-26)

2. It paid a debt we could never repay

B. His death was sacrificial (John 3:16)

C. His death was our victory (I Cor. 15:57)

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