3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A Birth Announcement brings excitement and Joy. Shepherds saw the light, ran to meet Jesus, then shared the news with a dark and lonely world. We are to let our light shine forth and share the Joy of Christmas, Jesus, to those around us.


A Birth Announcement brings excitement and Joy. The Shepherds saw the light, ran to see prophesy fulfilled, and then shared the news with a dark and lonely world. We are to let our light shine forth and share the Joy of Christmas, Jesus, to those around us.

KEY SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:8-20

Other Scriptures referenced

Matthew 1:21; Psalm 97:11; Matthew 5:16; Psalm 98

Points from Luke 2

Vs. 9 Light Shone (Psalm 97:11)

Vs. 10 Great Joy

Vs. 11 Good News

Vs. 14 Glorious Praise

Vs. 16 Running to Meet and Greet Jesus

Vs 17 Spread the Word, Share the news about Christ

Vs 20 Give Praise to God

A Birth Announcement – Brings excitement

With our firstborn, we gave a card to our parents saying we were expecting. Great joy filled the room when mom and dad realized what they were


When our second child came along, we took some string and 2 sheets of poster board with the words “I’m the Big Brother” and had the firstborn walk into the family living room to announce that a second child was coming. I remember the eyes straining at the sign and then the burst of excitement when everyone in the room understood its message.

Everyone loves a birth announcement. It brings joy to our hearts.

In our scripture today,

1. Luke records Jesus’ birth announcement to the shepherds in the fields. These were possibly the very same shepherds that raised the sacrificial lambs for the temple. The lambs of these shepherds were used in the temple as sacrifices which were performed for the forgiveness of sins.

2. The Angels announced that the Savior was born and invited the shepherds to go and see the Lamb of God. This lamb of God that would take away the sins of the world.

3. It was the Greatest event in all of history, and it had just happened. Prophesy was fulfilled. This long awaited Messiah was born!

4. Remember what the angel had said to Joseph in Matt 1:21, “She (Mary) will bring forth a son, you shall call his name Jesus, he will save his people from their sins.”

5. For centuries, the Jewish nation had waited for this event. When it happened, it was announced to some humble shepherds.

6. The Good news about Jesus is that he comes to all of us, including the plain and ordinary. He comes to anyone with a heart humble enough to accept him. Whoever you are…whatever you do…you too can have Jesus in your life. He accepts you just as you are, you don’t have to live up to any expectation to ‘acquire’ Jesus. He wants us to humbly come to him and present ourselves, as we are.

Birth Announcements

A friend of mine called me the other day, to announce the birth of their son. He was thrilled to share this news with me, and of course, I got all the details…Gender, Name, Weight, Length, Eyes, Hair or not…You see, I knew I would have to share it with my wife, so I asked everything.

After I hung up the phone, I immediately called to my wife and shared the details with her, she then made a few calls to pass on the message.

What a Birth Announcement!

1. At first the shepherds were terrified. Vs. 9 - The sky was aglow in the light and glory of the Lord. But then their fears were turned to joy as the Angels made their announcement about the Messiahs birth.

a. It was a BRIGHT LIGHT

b. Salvation was made known

i. Psalm 98:2 The LORD has made known His salvation

ii. Psalm 98:3 …all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God

2. Then, receiving the news, we must understand what they did next.

a. They ran to see the baby.

b. The word says in Vs. 16, they came with haste. I’m telling you, they RAN!

3. After seeing the Messiah, what did they do next?

a. They spread the word

b. Vs. 17, when they had seen Him, they made widely known what…they saw.

c. They wanted everyone to know what had happened.

d. They wanted everyone to know that the Messiah was born. Prophesy was fulfilled. The Christ had come!

4. Jesus is your Messiah, your Savior

a. Do you look forward to meeting him, as the shepherds did?

b. Do you run to him each day? In Prayer?

c. Do you run to him each day? By getting into His word?

d. Do you have a relationship with Jesus, that is so special, that you can’t help but to share your joy with your friend, family and neighbors?

During this time of the year, when the holidays come upon us, there are those who experience joy, and there are those that experience sadness and sorrows, even depression.

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