Summary: Introduction to the series of Romans sermons. This sermon is about what it means to be God’s "slave," Greek "duolos."

Romans 1:1-18

The theme of Romans: “The just shall live by faith.” No one doubts that Paul wrote Romans. It accurately speaks to us with the voice of God. It is Paul’s most important book.

1) He was a slave of Christ (v.1a). God called him.

• What “slave” means. The focus is not on the degrading position of slavery, but on the total commitment to Jesus as Lord. OT prophets Moses, David, & Isaiah were some of God’s slaves.

• How this offends us. We rebel at the very idea of being anyone’s servant, let alone their “slave.” Yet we serve those we choose to serve: family, friends, bosses. John 8:34

• Paul was Jesus’ slave, not the salve to sin, or even to himself, 1 Cor 9:27. Whose slave are you?

2) He was an apostle of God (v.1b). God sent him.

• What it means to be sent. The word “apostle” means “sent.” God has a job for every Christian to do, an end to serve, a cross to bear. Abraham had to leave Ur. Paul left Israel. Will you go?

• How this offends us. We hate the idea of leaving the familiar surroundings. Most preachers serve churches less than 400 miles from his in-laws. Jesus: Luke 14:26

Isaiah 6:8 “I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?’” Jesus said “Go to all the nations,” will you go?

3) He was set apart to the gospel (v.1c-4). God used him.

• The gospel promised long ago (v.2). Fulfilled prophesy.

• The gospel concerns God’s Son becoming a Man (v.3).

• The gospel declares Jesus Christ to be the Son of God (v.4).

4) God’s purpose in these things (v. 5).

• To bring about the obedience of faith. Faith & obedience are always linked as links of a chain. Only those who believe obey; only those who obey believe. Nothing else will do.

• For His name’s sake, we work for the glory of God & not for ourselves. God saves sinners because it brings Him glory & honor. Are you honoring God?

5) Others have received the same things from God (v.6-7).

• You are called (v.6). This is not something limited to a select few, preachers & super saints.

• You are beloved (v.7a). God loves those who are his.

• They too were saints (v.7b). This is general, all saved are saints; you may not feel like it, but you are.

• You are recipients of grace & peace (v.7c). Grace & peace are the nartural result of God’s action in your life, & are not something extraordinary. Are you at peace with God?

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