Summary: how A prominent king can fall into "a horrible pit".

"A King In a Pit"

David understood what it was like to be promoted to the province of the palace. Throughout the course of his life, he was a versatile shepherd, and a dominating king, so he understood the aspects of power that derived from both his Staff, and his Scepter..He developed by experience the mind, of a master. Here in 2nd samuel, he "Perceives" that the Lord established him king over Israel. With all his Royal power, he knew the fortune of great riches, the smell of splendor, the Taste of Total power. But Then, David, Who Once sat Superlatively upon the throne of a prosperous kingdom, pens a statement in Psalms contradicting that powerful life. He notes himself as being "IN A HORRIBLE PIT". He that once wore the kings garments says he was also "Clothed in the Miry clay". So the Question comes to mind, how can he go from the Palace to the Pit? From being Powerful to being pitiful?........1. Though many thoughts have branched from his text in Psalms, as to HOW he got into that pit, I believe that we can find how he got there in 2nd sameul chapter 11. One morning David wakes up, and walks onto his roof. The Kings house, being higher than the others in that village, enabled him to be able to look down upon the roof tops of others..and this morning he viewed something, satisfactory to his man-like desires. He "Saw A Woman"..Just like Sampson..and was "Drawn Away" with his own lust. But he didnt stop there..THEN he sent message for the woman to come to his abode, and there, the verse records that "He Lay With Her".

1.I believe the closer he got to bathsheeba, the closer he got to his spiritual pit. The "Conception Of Sin" occured when David put himself in the position of adultrey. "Lust when it is conceived brings forth sin". Now We will look into How David described this spiritual Pit...

I. David’s pit was Personal

A."The Lord brought ’ME’ out"

1. David personalizes this pit by saying "Me"

2. No recordings of anybody being in the pit with David.

II. David’s pit was desperate.

A."He Heard my ’CRY’".

III.David’s pit was Temporary.

A."The Lord Brought me Up and also out".

Revelation 1:6, Says that we are "Kinds And Priests unto God". Nobody’s Spiritual Destination is in the pit of perdition. David was a king with great power, but he couldnt conquer the pit. If we are abiding in the pit today, we cannot hold the scepter of servanthood, nor the crown of righteousness. STAY IN THE PALACE, for in that palace, we have the strength to rule over principalities and powers of Darkness..but in the pit, no power can be brought forth out of our spiritual lives.

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