Summary: We are all made equal by the power of Jesus Christ

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A Kingdom of Equals

Matthew 20.1-16

August 17, 1997

Morning Service


I. New Series of Sermons: Stories from Heaven - Study of the Parables,

II. Quote: God created all men but Samuel Colt made them equal

III. World Measures: wealth, occupation, position, power or other such stuff

IV. The Battle for Equality: Racial - Reconcile differences, Gender - Battle of the Sexes, Denominational - Who has the final word on doctrine

V. True Equality: Read Text


I. Participants in Equality

A. The Landowner:

1. Work to be Done: Great deal of work, digging the trenches, planting the vines, pruning the vines, harvesting the grapes - Needed workers

2. Calls the workers - Early before the work day begins, Offers the Denirius - excellent pay, Roman Soldier,

3. Continues the Calling: The owner goes again to the market, 3rd 6th 9th & 11th hours and gathers more workers, No mention of the final pay, these were people who could not get other work or worked only a partial day,

B. The Workers

1. The Work Day: Begins at 6 am - first hour, Workers who were day laborers were always looking for work, the market was where the employers went to hire,

2. The Early Morning: First hired and best workers, bare the most crucial part of the work, they start the work, work the longest

3. The Third Hour: Workers who gained only part of a work day or were not yet hired, they were called to go and work

4. The Sixth and Ninth Hour: This reveals the mercy and kindness of the owner, hired people who were still without work, not as able and were slower to get to the market, not the best workers

5. The Eleventh Hour: These were the least able and least productive workers, usually the oldest or disabled workers

II. Objection to Equality

A. The Payment: The Mosaic law stated that workers were to be paid the day they worked, Owner pays the workers - last to first,

B. The Objection: Last workers receive the full wage, all receive the same wage, the first workers are furious, believe that they were treated unfairly, believe that they deserve more, raise objections with the Landowner

III. Vindication of Equality

A. Statement of Fact: Landowner states the facts - workers agreed to work the day for the wage, No right to anything more, nothing has been done or handled wrong

B. Statement of Fault: Landowner states the intention - claim of unfairness had no basis, bargains were kept and nothing more was owed, Claim was based on selfish motives and intentions, total lack of love and justice, they were throwing a temper tantrum when they didn’t get what they wanted


I. Participants in Equality

A. The Landowner:

1. God has Work to be Done: Great deal of work, witnessing to people, sharing the love of Christ, giving with compassion, God needs His servants

2. Calls the workers - God calls for workers, The gift of salvation, Harvest is ripe but the workers are few, all are required to serve and to work,

3. Continues the Calling: God is constantly calling, God pursues new people and uses new servants,

B. The Workers

1. The Work Day: Begins at New Birth, when people get saved they are called to serve,

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