Summary: As Christians we must constantly seek to grow in Christ

A Kingdom of Growth

Matthew 13.31-35

September 28, 1997

Morning Service


I. Experiments of Lord Kelvin: Lord Kelvin was famous for scientific experiments, he created a new temperature scale for extreme temperatures - Kelvin scale, Kelvin once suspended a large piece of metal from the ceiling of his laboratory and threw small paper wads at it to measure the impact, nothing at first but over time the impact makes a difference, the constant and consistent impacts can move mountains,

II. The Impact of the Small: Small things seem to have small impact, this is true to a degree, there are many things that are small that have great impact, western music is composed of combinations of 12 notes, English literature is composed of combinations of 26 letters, the impact of the small is indeed great

III. The Impact of the Church: Started with a mere 12, they worked the world for the impact of Christ, they changed the world with the power of God


I. Parable of the Mustard Seed

A. The relative nature of size: size seems to matter in seeds, number that could be carried and various yields, larger the seed - bigger the plant, smallest of all seeds, seems to be the least important, Mustard was an important herb, used in a wide variety of ways, mustard even held some medicinal value in the ancient world, very important due to its value

B. The positive impact of growth: The seed that is planted grows, sprouts into a plant, plant becomes the biggest in the garden, Palestine variety of mustard grows into large bushes, ten to twelve feet high, large enough for birds to nest, the final impact of the growth is the fact that there is a place for shelter, place of security

II. Parable of the Yeast

A. The relative nature of yeast: In Israel women were responsible for the baking of bread, part of that process was allowing the bread to rise, thus the bread would need to have yeast added, small amounts of yeast would be used to leaven large quantities of dough,

B. The positive impact of growth: Yeast works a significant change in dough, it creates a fermentation process that expands the dough, the dough becomes fermented by the yeast and rises, the bread then becomes much larger than the original amount, this process also gives the bread a better flavor and texture, the yeast creates a positive effect on the bread and its final result,

III. The Meaning of Jesus

A. The nature of size: Jesus knew how much resistance He was receiving, the disciples faced even greater odds - Israel and Jews, Pagan nations, the whole Roman Empire, the whole world was against them but God was with them, the power of God in the small can change the world,

B. The positive impact of the church: This small band of people went into the world, they preached the good news, they changed minds, hearts and lives with that message, their work and God’s power changed the world, they had an extremely positive impact but it cost them, most of them died horrible deaths, they had nothing in this world,

C. The knowledge of the future: Jesus knew the extent of their effectiveness, this rag tag bunch of people who scattered in times of trouble, united in the power of God, they worked in that power to implement change for the Kingdom and the entire world

Bridge - Abigail may be small but her father still cares for her


I. The Relative Nature of Growth

A. The fact of being small: State of mind, stature means nothing in the eyes of God, He can change the world through a few, larger means of thinking about the ministry of this church and the power of God,

1. Same Message: Gospel - good news of Jesus Christ, same lord and Savior and the same power to tap

2. Same purpose: Teach and preach - Change the mind, change the heart and change the life

3. Same goals: Serve God, win the lost, produce disciples, reproduce leaders

B. Potential to have a larger influence: We may be few but God can use us, God just needs a conduit for His power to flow, we have spheres of influence - friends, family, coworkers or neighbors, we must be influencers for God - tap into God’s power in prayer, love the people around us, show concern for others, walk as Jesus walked, walk in the power of God - by prayer

II. The Positive Impact of Growth

A. We have a great potential: We need to be empowered - must be done by a greater power: Jesus Christ, We must be bold - step out in faith, beat Satan back and defeat him, share the love of Jesus, We must have passion - God, family and friends

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