Summary: Jesus has offered us great rewards in His kingdom

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A Kingdom of Reward

Matthew 25.14-30

August 24, 1997

Morning Service


I. Big Responsibility: FFA President, Planning the annual banquet, Order of ceremony, who would do what and how things were to be done, Working for weeks to get it done - went well and was enjoyed by all

II. Special Responsibilities: family, Work and position, Jobs in the church, these are special responsibilities, true responsibility is given by God not humanity, We sometimes get wrapped up in the work and we lose sight of God,

III. God gives all believers a big responsibility: Message of the gospel, building of the Kingdom, Serving with faithfulness, Doing things that no one else wants to do, God gives us specific gifts and specific ways to serve



I. A Responsibility is Given

A. The Master: The man is leaving on a trip and calls his servants, Entrusts each with a specific responsibility, All receive an amount of talents, talent is not a measure of money but a measure of weight, various values were given to different substances with the same composition, Example - Gold, silver, bronze

Each servant was given a different level of responsibility, one was given five, one was given two and one was given one

B. The Servants: Large and wealthy individuals had many servants, There were many different functions of servants - general labor, cooking and cleaning, animal care, ect., one group was highest of all - managers, these were servants who acted as overseers of the masters affairs in his absence, These special servants were leaders of the house, this master had three of these servants

II. A Reaction is Given

A. The working reaction: The first servant - takes the five talents and invests wisely, he earns five more talents, The second servant - takes the two talents and also invests, he earns two more talents, This work did not happen overnight, long hard work that involved many transactions and faithful effort to double the talents

B. The non working reaction: The third servant - takes the one talent and hides it, the Hebrew banking and commercial systems were virtually non existent, burial of possessions was a common occurrence, No one wished to do transactions with the Roman Government, This was the best way to protect and keep possessions, The servant had the same expectations and responsibility even though he was given less

III. A Reckoning is faced

A. The Master calls the first: The master calls the servants to settle accounts, The first servant - Returns with the double share, Masters response - three stages: Well Done - compliments the servants attitude and excellence of service and character, Promotion - Faithfulness brings greater position and responsibility, Celebration - enter into the Masters joy a time of celebration

B. The Master calls the second: The second servant - Returns with a double share, The masters response is the same as the first, Compliment, promotion and celebration.

C. The Master calls the third: The third servant - Returns with accusations and excuses, the servant returns the single talent, Two problems - No attempt was made to benefit the master, Self serving allegiance in the attack on the masters character, the servants view of the master was corrupt, Master responds - Wicked because of the accusation and lazy because of the lack of effort,

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