Summary: An exposition on the feast of King Belshazzar - as an illustration comparing the world’s ways to God’s Ways.

The King’s Feast

Daniel 5:1-6; 26-31


St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday. The TV was loaded with broadcasts about the festivities in Savannah. There were parties,

feasts, and more people than you can imagine. The crowds were thick. Interviews were jolly, but one quote was particularly

memorable for me for the sheer folly of it all. The announcer and the interviewee were discussing the fun and frivolity of the occasion,

the food was terriffic. Then the interviewee said, “This is what life is all about: getting together and having fun!” Is it really? Was it

for King Belshazzar?

I. A Fun Feast (vv. 1-4)

Sin is...

A. Fun at First

B. Foolish at Best

II. A Fearful Feast (vv. 5-6)

A Guilty Conscience needs no accusing. Fear haunts the sinner. When we sin, we are living in fear. We fear the unknown,

and the knowing of the thing we do. Jesus said man loves darkness rather than light (John 3:19-20) lest his deeds be reproved.

A. We fear the idea that we might be found out.

B. We fear the consequences of our sin.

C. We fear having to do without the pleasure our sin gives us.

D. We fear our station in life might become jeopardized if we stop sinning.

E. We fear ... You fill in the blank. We fear.

The good news is this: We are no longer in bondage to the spirit of fear (Rom 8:15) Declares that we now can cry “Abba

Father,” rather than fear the judgment of God. In Christ Jesus, we have salvation, and are in His love. Perfect Love casteth out fear

(1Jn 4:18) because fear causes torment. 2Ti 1:7 says we can have love, not fear; a sound mind, and power, not fear. Yes, there is

good news for the humble. There is good news for the repentant. But for the sinner, torment. For the unrepentant -- fear. For the one

that insists on serving the flesh, misery.

III. A Fatal Feast (v. 30)

A. Death is the certain end of sin.

B. Its time comes when we know not.

C. Christians can also experience death from sin.

1. Death of the joy of Christ’s Salvation.

2. Death to the relationships your sin has destroyed.

` 3. Death to the good work you seek to do for Him.

4. Death to your closeness to Christ.

5. Death to any power you might have in Christ.

6. Death to your reputation.

7. Death to you in the end. Your life might be shortened.

8. Death to your heavenly reward.

The good news is this: repentance is taking God’s attitude about that sin, asking Him to forgive you that sin through Jesus

Christ, and thou shalt be saved.

IV. A Final Feast (v. 31)

Belshazzar realized too late that this would be his last feast. For God would not be mocked. God is a jealous God, and very

jealous of His honor. Whenever men have wilfully trifled with holy things, judgment has fallen. Consider:

A. Nadab and abihu offering strange fire to God (Lev 10:1). Their end was swift.

B. Uzzah touching the Ark as David brought it back from Philistine (1Sam 13:2). There are other instances in the Bible.

The good news is this: God has extended to you this last opportunity to repent. Won’t you take it today? It may be your

final opportunity. Only God knows.

Compare to the feast of Jesus Christ... Fabulous, Fearless, Faultless, and Forever

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