Summary: This sermon is designed to help individuals understand how to be a good steward of what God has given us.

A Lesson In Stewardship

I. Receiving of the Wealth (14-18)

A. Unequally Divided (15a)

B. Uniquely Decided (15b)

C. Used Differently (16-18)

II. Reckoning of the Workers (19-20,22)

A. Time Allowed (19)

B. Talents Accounted for (20a, 22a)

C. Tremendous Addition (20b, 22b)

III. Reward of the Worthy (21, 23)

A. Pat on the Back (21a, 23a)

B. Placement over Better (21b, 23b)

C. Partnership is Bestowed (21c, 23c)

IV. Reasoning of the Worthless (24-25)

A. Understood his Master (24)

B. Underestimated his Mission (25a)

C. Unearthed his Merchandise (25b)

V. Removal of the Wicked (26-30)

A. Repeated his Words (26)

B. Refuted his Ways (27)

C. Released his Worker (28-30)

1. Gift was Confiscated (28a)

2. Given to the Competent(28b)

3. Guilt was Concluded (29)

a. Cast out (30a)

b. Condemned (30b)

c. Consumed (30c)

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