Summary: Introduction to Book of Romans

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John Calvin: “If a man understands Romans he has a sure road open to help him understand the entire Bible.”

Five Basic Questions to Answer:

1) Who wrote the book of Romans? Paul

Paul was a product of three different cultures:

Religiously he was a Hebrew.

Culturally he was a Greek.

Politically he was a Roman Citizen.

2) To whom was the book of Romans written? Believers in Rome

Romans 1:7 “To all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be saints…” (NIV)

Key: Paul had never been to Rome at time of this letter.

3) When was the book of Romans written? A.D. 58 in Corinth

Key: Never underestimate the power of a letter!

Paul: Wrote thirteen books of the New Testament!

4) Why did he write the book of Romans? Three Reasons

There was a Personal Reason.

Romans 1:11

There was an Educational Reason.

Romans 15:15

There was a Financial Reason.

Romans 15:22

5) What is the Message? The Gospel of Jesus!

Romans 1:16-17

Overview of the Book of Romans:

Sin—Romans 1:18-3:20

Salvation—Romans 3:21-5:21

Sanctification—Romans 6:1-8:39

Sovereignty—Romans 9:1-11:36

Service—Romans 12:1-15:13

Donald Barnhouse: “God has always used the book of Romans to renew, refresh and revitalize the church.”

Prayer: God will you use Romans to make us what you want us to be!

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