Summary: Every one of us in this room knows someone who is outside of Christ. Now it is time to share with them the Gospel.


Before you can share the Gospel with someone you must be completely convinced that your life is much better now then it was before Christ. You must also believe that the same will be true of anyone who receives Christ

If this is true then we begin by:

Praying Hard

Talking to people individually

Peaking curiosity

Rely on reciprocal reflexes

Seizing split second opportunities

Not underestimating the degree of interest


A) It is the responsibility of every believer to be able to make a clear presentation of the Gospel.

1 Peter 3:15

2 Tim. 4:2

B) Some basics that will help us make our presentation clear

1) God

He is loving

He is holy

He is just

2) Christ

He died in our place.

He paid a debt He did not owe

I owed a debt I could not pay

I needed someone to wash my sins away

And now I sing a brand new song

Amazing Grace, all day long

Christ Jesus paid the debt

That I could never pay

Author Unknown

Some might ask “Why did the debt have to be paid? Why couldn’t God just forgive and forget?”

3) You

Personal response is essential

4) Religion VS Christianity

Religion is spelled D-O

Christianity is spelled D-O-N-E


A. You must admit that you are a sinner.

1. Romans 3:9,10

2. Romans 3:23

3. I John 1:8

B. You must know that Jesus saves. John 3:16,17

1. He died for us

Hebrews 2:9,10

2. He bore our sins

I Peter 2:21-24

3. He reconciled us to God

II Cor. 5:19-21

4. He saved us from eternal death

Rom. 5:8

C. You must have faith.

1. Faith comes by hearing

Rom. 10:14,17

2. Faith is necessary

Hebrews 11:6

3. Faith is in Christ

John 20:31

4. Faith alone will not save

James 2:24

5. Faith leads to repentance

D. You must repent.

1. Repentance is commanded

Luke 13:3

2. Repentance is a response to the Gospel.

Acts 2:38

3. Repentance is produced by God's Love.

Romans 2:4

E. You must confess.

1. Confession is with the mouth

Rom. 10:9,10

2. Confession is of Christ

Matt. 16:16

3. Confession is before witnesses

I Tim. 6:12

F. You must be Baptized.

1. Baptism is Commanded by Christ

Mark 16:16

2. Baptism was practiced by the Apostles.

Acts 2:38,41

3. Baptism is immersion in water

Acts 8:38

4. Baptism is the place where we come into contact with God's saving Grace

Acts 22:16

5. Baptism is a picture of Christ's death and resurrection

Romans 6:3-5

a. Pictures the past- What Christ did (vs. 3)

b. Pictures the present- What we are doing (vs. 4)

c. Pictures the future- What God will do. (vs. 6)

G. You must Grow.

1. Remain Steadfast

Acts 2:42

2. Add Christian virtues

a. II Peter 1:5-8

b. Galatians 5:22,23

3. Be a soul winner

Matthew 28:19

4. Study the word

II Tim. 2:15

CONCLUSION: Would you like to be a friend of God? He wants to be your friend. Will you respond.

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