Summary: As a boat travels through the water it leaves a wake. As you go through life, what is left in your wake?

A Life Changing Wake

Acts 5:14-16

I want you to thank about about a boat traveling down the river. Behind the boat is a wake that moves outwards. Any vessel following the boat is affected by it’s wake. As you and I travel through life, we also leave a wake. Some of us leave a wake of conflict, pain, regret and bitterness. Others of us leave a wake of healing, peace, love, and joy. Today I want us to see the example of the kind of wake we can leave when we walk in close fellowship with the Lord.

Acts 5:14-16 (CEV)

Many men and women started having faith in the Lord. Then sick people were brought out to the road and placed on cots and mats. It was hoped that Peter would walk by, and his shadow would fall on them and heal them. A lot of people living in the towns near Jerusalem brought those who were sick or troubled by evil spirits, and they were all healed.

A Special Man.

Peter was an ordinary man, and yet there was something different about Peter. Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit – Acts 4:7-8

Acts 4:7-8 (CEV)

They brought in Peter and John and made them standin the middle while they questioned them. They asked, “By what power and in whose name have you done this?”

Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit and told the nations leaders and the elders…

The filling of the Holy Spirit had been evidenced in Peter’s life on several occasions. As we go through the book of Acts, we watch the transformation of this denier, as he becomes a bold, radically changed vessel for the Lord. Not only was the Holy Spirit’s presence evident, but it was evident that Peter had been with Jesus – Acts 4:13

Acts 4:13 (CEV)

The officials were amazed to see how brave Peter and John were, and they knew that these two apostles were only ordinary men and not well educated. The officials were certain that these men had been with Jesus.

I want you to thank about who is in your path?

Peter’s path included:

Those who were separated from Christ

Those who were sick

Those who were troubled by evil spirits

A Trail Of Healing

As Peter would pass, those in his wake experienced a healing transformation.

Many were healed

Many were set free

All were changed

What do you leave in your wake?

Turmoil, pain, regret, bitterness?

Love, Joy, Peace, Healing, Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy?

The Glory Belongs To Jesus. The healing occurred as Peter passed. Peter was unaware of his impact. The Holy Spirit was working through Peter, because Peter was an effective vessel. God’s presence in Peter was a life changing encounter.

The lesson for you today is this...One Man Can Make A Difference!

A lot of people living in the towns near Jerusalem brought those who were sick or troubled by evil spirits, and they were all healed. (v. 16)

Peter’s life touched the lives of many

Peter’s passion for Jesus made him an effective vessel

Peter’s life brought honor to Jesus

How About Your Shadow?

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