Summary: This is a newsletter devotional that I wrote for our church

A Life of Praise

Psalm 103:1-6


There is a relatively new group in Christian music named Casting Crowns and one of their more popular songs is called Life of Praise. Here is the chorus

For you are awesome, God of the Nations, lion of Judah,

Rock of the ages, Alpha, Omega.

You’re worthy of all praise

More than these hands I’ll raise

I’ll live a life of praise

I want to ask you a rather difficult question does your life continually praise God?

Preface of praise (1-2)

Total praise for God: The phrase “O my soul” means to praise God with your entire being. It means that every aspect of your life is focused on giving praise to God and nothing is held back.

Reminder for praise: The psalmist is calling us to focus on the fact of God’s mighty deeds as reason enough to praise God. No matter what our circumstances might be or what difficulties we might face that there is always a reason to give praise to God.

The Benefits that God bestows (3-6)

Forgiveness of sin: God gives us proof of both His love and His mercy by His offering forgiveness to us. It is the forgiveness of God that allows us to have a relationship with Him. The mercy and grace of God is a free gift because He offers it with no expectations and no conditions. God’s grace can never be earned by anything we can do. If we could earn God’s grace it wouldn’t be a gift and it wouldn’t be grace.

Healing of diseases: God’s power is available for His people and one of the many ways that God shows His power is through divine healing. Is it so hard to believe that he who created us would not also be able to heal us as well?

Redemption from death: We all deserve to go to Hell, we deserve the pit of spiritual isolation from God but God’s desire is that none should perish. One definition of grace is being given what we need and not what we deserve. God wants every person to find redemption in Him.

Crowning with love and compassion: God extends to every believer His love and compassion because it is the fuel of His divine mercy. As a Christian we are to be filled with God’s divine love and compassion for others. We are meant to live out our lives as an example of God’s love.

Satisfaction of our desires: God has promised to supply our every need and He more than abundantly delivers. He supplies us richly out of His resources and provided us with good things. The fact is that God’s provision is powerful and all sufficient.

Awards of righteousness and justice: God gives us the ability to be righteous, to be made completely right in His sight. This is clearly something that we cannot do on our own. God also gives us real justice. This life is simply not fair and things may be unjust in our lives but God will measure out His justice in the end.

God is indeed worthy of your praise! Live your life to bring praise to the name of God!

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