Summary: A small outline of salvation and spiritual growth.

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Title: A Life Without Truth is no Life at All

Focus: Salvation and Spiritual Growth

Illustration for Attention: The music blared through my ears as I sat with my head down praying for a revival. As I begged the Lord I thought, “If only they could somehow return to the Creator, to truth.” “If only they would hear the audible voice of God in their life.” “If only they would understand how the simple truth of the Gospel changes all other areas then maybe, just maybe, there would be hope.” As I lifted my head thinking this would never happen, I saw her. She had her hands lifted in the air almost touching the heavens. Her lips were moving as if she was in conversation with someone right in front of her but nobody stood facing her. Her eyes were closed tightly, intently concentrating at what was taking place. She pleaded to the Lord. She was getting it. She understood the Gospel, the Creator, the truth. She comprehended that for God to do a work in her life then she would have to ignore the lies of the World and surrender to Christ.

I heard nothing as the music encapsulated my eardrums but I continued to watch her with anticipation. She made no movement to notice my stare so I continued to look on with adoration at how God was moving in her heart. As I praised the Lord for the moment, her concentration rested simply on positioning her heart to receive from the Lord what only He could give. She cared nothing for what was going on around her. Her focus was on what God was giving her. Her focus was on embracing eternal life, on not caring about those around her, and on growing her relationship with God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was enough.

Introduction of Subject: This was the image a few weeks ago from a fifteen-year-old girl in a worship service at a youth conference that over two thousand youth attended. This teenager stood alone in a group of her peers unafraid of what others would think and only focused on what how she could praise the Lord and give herself back to him. She knew she had ventured far from where God wanted her to be. She knew that she had followed those who she shouldn’t have followed. It was time for her to get back on the right page for the Lord.

Stimulation: We are like this young lady at times but yet for some reason we remain in our seat paralyzed with fear over the “what if’s” of life. At times in our Christian walk we lose our footing, forgetting what we know is right and turn away to something else that grabs our attention. We lose the foundation that we once held onto so tightly. We wander away from the truths of God and do what we desire because of the sway of someone else. What will you do when this happens? Will you be able to stand tall in the midst of a crowd of people doing what the Lord wants regardless of what others are doing? Can you cling to the truths of God to have life and have it to the fullest?

Passage: Galatians 1:6-10 (read twice, allow people to turn, recite again, then read passage)

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