Summary: If the world, can’t see God’s demonstrated in our daily life, Through our behavior, then God hasn’t been seen.

We are quickly coming to the end of the first of Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians.

• But there is still one message that He wants to make clear.

• That message is to make sure that these new converts live a life that pleases God.

• So Paul is giving them some final instructions.

• Paul is reminding his converts that God calls believers to live holy lives,

• To separate themselves from sexual immorality and lusts (vv. 3–8).

• He urges them to love each other and all the brothers even more than they do now (vv. 9–10)

• And he reminds them of the importance of honest work (vv. 11–12).

Read 4:1-12

The word finally, was not intended to announce the conclusion of the letter,

• It introduces the final major section of the letter.

• These chapters deal with “what is lacking in your faith” (3:10).

• Paul is reminding his readers of the words

• That he spoke to them while he was with them.

• He is moving from their present condition

• To the next stage of their spiritual development.

• They had responded to Paul’s teaching on Christian living.

• This section covers three aspects of proper Christian living:

• 1 conduct; / 2 sexual purity and / 3 brotherly love.

Key verse. 4:1: A Life worth living is a life Worth working at.

Personal application. If the world, can’t see God’s demonstrated in our daily life, Through our behavior, then God hasn’t been seen.

• We need to live lives that please God

Paul First deals with ethical behavior, in particular holiness (4:1–8)

• In life Everyone seems to live to please someone:

• Either themself, their spouse, their parents, their child, their God, or someone else.

• Paul is saying that the motive for Christian living is to please God (cf. 2:4)

• And we do this by doing His will.

• A lot of people regard the Christian life as a set of rules that we need to follow,

• or a list of things to avoid;

• But Paul saw the Christian life as how we show our desire to please God

• Because it was God who had chosen him (1:4).

• His attitude helped prepare his readers to respond positively to his instructions.

The people were already doing this,

• Paul’s purpose was to encourage them to do what they were already doing only better.

• We should never be satisfied with our spiritual achievements

• Our lives as Christians is one of never ending growth.

• There is always something more to learn, / something more to do, and / someone else to serve.

• We can find true joy in this.

• We need to view Life as a challenge,

• Because when we view life as a challenge we always have something to look forward to in the future.

• There’s always something to do.

Paul instructs them that to be able to do God’s work we must remain Holy

• It means being sanctified.

• This Christian word refers to the ongoing process of becoming increasingly free from sin and filled with love.

• To be sanctified means to belong to God and to show the same character as God.

• One aspect of holiness that needed to be stressed to the Thessalonians was,

• Complete avoidance of sexual immorality.

Paul is making it very clear that these people need to refrain from sexual sin.

• This refers to all kinds of sexual intercourse other than that which takes place within the marriage relationship.

• The morals in the Roman Empire at the time weren’t healthy.

• Immorality was a way of life;

• And, thanks to slavery, people had the leisure time to indulge in the latest pleasures.

• The Christian message of holy living was new to this culture,

• And it wasn’t easy for these young believers to fight the temptations that were going on around them.

• Sexual immorality is wrong because it involves taking advantage of other people.

• To commit adultery is to attempt to break up an existing relationship and the bond of love within a marriage,

• And because of this it can be seen and fairly described as wronging a brother.

Now part of understanding and reading the Bible is being able to put it all in perspective.

• To take the message Paul is writing and be able to apply it to our daily lives.

• At the time Sexual Immorality was running wild in the pagan community.

• So Paul was addressing this issue.

But in todays society we need to take the instructions of

• Never harm or cheat a Christian brother” and apply it to our times,

• How do these instructions fit into the world we live in,

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