Summary: Only through obedience to the Word of God can we find the love of life and happiness and a life worth living.


It seems that everyone you talk to all have the same purpose in life – at least when it comes to this life upon the earth. Wrapped up in each of us is the desire to have a better quality of life. Everywhere you look people are consumed by their quest of the elusive “American Dream”. I say that it is elusive for we are never really satisfied by anything that this world has to offer. Within each of us there is a great desire for better things, for bigger homes, for better cars and for more of the finer things in life.

Yet there comes a time when the magnetism of earthly pleasures and possession of worldly goods seems to begin to grow dimmer and we loose some of our passion for obtaining them for we begin to realize that happiness in life, fulfillment in life, and the real meaning of life is not determined by what we possess at all. The happiness that we have in life is not determined by what we possess but by what, and who possesses us.

Wealth and possessions have no power to bring true happiness and satisfaction, all they can do is make your body comfortable while you still live in inward misery.

Happiness, satisfaction, joy, peace, love, and all of those wonderful things that every man would agree are the hallmarks of a wonderful and meaningful life, are not determined by what we own.

It seems that every man is chasing after that “good life” but so very few really love the life that they are living. We all seek for and pray for those “good days” that are the building blocks of the “good life” and yet life seems filled with turmoil, filled with troubles, and filled with disappointments.

At the end of the day, when our head finally hits the pillow, are we left with more questions than answers? Can we look back upon the events of the day that has now forever passed into history and say that this was a “good day”? Or, do we look back upon the day with despair and think, “God where were you today when I needed you?

Have you ever felt as though God has turned his face against you? Is everything in your life falling to pieces? Is the love that you once felt for other people being replaced with a “who cares” attitude? Are you already beginning to think that things must change quickly or you will have to make some changes yourself? Is the joy and peace gone from your home? Are your good days few and far between?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions then this message is for you!

The Word of God speaks to every part of life: especially when we are searching for real meaning and for real joy and happiness! No other source can speak to these needs like God’s Word. No other source can give us reasons for the things we face every day and then turn them around to make sense out of them.

So, are you ready to know how to enjoy life and love life, regardless of what you are facing? Are you ready to allow God’s Word to speak to you in spite of all the garbage and negative circumstances that are surrounding you? Are you ready to hear what God has to say that will bring healing to your life and to bring you to the place that your life is worth living?

What this all boils down to in the end is the condition of the heart and the relationship we have with Jesus Christ! When life begins to lose its meaning, and when love begins to grow cold, and when everything around us begins to crack and crumble – it’s always the result of a spiritual problem.

I have seen families begin to disintegrate because one or more of the spouses begins to turn away from the ways of righteousness.

It all begins with a small crack in their foundation. Maybe it’s a little thing at first like not reading the Bible, or missing church, or allowing excuses to keep them from the House of God. That small crack quickly spreads and opens until there is a deep chasm in their relationship with God and when their relationship with God begins to crumble, everything else goes with it and life begins a downward spiral that can only be broken by repentance and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

This morning I want to give you a roadmap that will lead you back to the place where you can enjoy life! I want to give you a path to walk that will bring peace into your home, joy into your heart and satisfaction to your soul.

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