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Summary: A life lived without God is an empty life. A life lived with God is full and meaningful.

A Life Worth Living

Psalm 127:1-5

Only two psalms are attributed to Solomon, this one and Psalm 72. Scholars class Psalm 127 as a wisdom psalm. It is the eighth in a series of psalms called “songs of ascent” or “songs of degrees”. The psalm says two things about life: life without God is empty and meaningless and life with God is full and meaningful. Anything we accomplish in this life in our own power apart from God will prove to be worthless. What God accomplishes through us will have lasting value.

Solomon illustrates his theme by pointing to four common human activities:

I. Building a House 1a

A. Our limited resources vs God’s unlimited resources

B. Our limited knowledge vs God’s unlimited knowledge

C. Our temporal point of view vs God’s eternal point of view

II. Guarding a City 1b

A. Police, Army, Fire Departments provide ordinary protection

B. God provides extraordinary protection

III. Making a Living 2

A. Hard work is a Biblical virtue

B. Any work independent of God accomplishes little (Haggai 1:6)

C. God can gift us even while we sleep

IV. Raising a Family 3-5

A. Children are one of God’s gifts 3

B. Children defend and provide for parents in their older years 4

C. Children are a blessing 5a

D. Children advocate for their parents 5b

Life is not about what we can do but about what God can do through us. A life worth living is a life lived under His lordship.

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