Summary: Story of Saul and his long fall including his death

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A Long Fall

Text 1 Sam. 28:15 God has departed from me and does not answer me anymore.

The Woman saw Samuel. God sent the Spirit of Samuel to appear to Saul. Nome the following facts

1. Spiritism is sternly condemned in Scripture. Mediums do not really contact the dead but usually communicate with familiar (demon) spirits. This story gives no justification for attempting to make contact with the dead.

2. The woman was amazed and terrified when Samuel actually appeared. This implies that she was expecting not Samuel but a demonic spirit. Clearly Samuel’s appearance was not the result of her witchcraft.

3. The appearance of the prophet was brought about by an extraordinary act act of God Himself in order to deliver God’s final message of judgment to the king.

Israel is not confronting a trying time. Samuel has died 2 years ago at age 98. Saul has reigned 40 years and is at least in his 60’s.

The first time I stepped to the rim of the Royal Gorge and looked down, and then down some more then further down, I felt like I was looking down into the Bottomless Pit. I thought, "One would never quit falling." The impact made me step back. A great chasm always has that effect upon me.

This text tells about a man who first committed spiritual suicide. It finally drove him to the pit.

Saul was a man who once had life, who once was yoked with God, who once was a branch of the True Vine. There came a moment when he severed himself from God, fell, and never

regained his footing;He told the preacher, "God is departed from me, and does not answer me anymore."

God has posted this case history in His Word for warning, just as the highway department places signs on the roads you travel for guidance. How you read them and observe them is your responsibility. The fact you ignore them or scorn them doesn't change the curve in the road, the steep grade, the dangerous corner, or the railroad crossing.

What is the warning that is posted?

1. This man once had spiritual life.

A. He knew God and God knew him.

1. He knew the truth. He walked in the truth .

2. He knew prophecy. He knew the anointing.

3. He knew what it was to be called and set apart.

4. He knew the power and victory of God.

God gave this Benjamite "another heart" as surely as He gave Saul of Tarsah, another Benjamite, centuries later, a new nature.

B. He was a new man brought into a new Company

'There went with him a band of men, whose hearts God had touched' (1 Samuel 10:26).

1.The Spirit of God came upon this soldier until he boiled over, and observers asked, Is Saul also among the prophets?" (1 Samuel 10: II).

2. Always remember this.

a. You can enjoy a charismatic experience. You could have talked with God And it can all be in the Past tense. 'God is departed from me, and answers me no more." There comes a time whenYou pass the point of no return.

2. Saul was as good a man as any culture has produced. He was humble

a. Saul hid himself. He did not seek exposure.

b. He did not run. for office. There was nothing cowardly. Samuel told the electorate.

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