Summary: The story of King Saul...wrong choices lead to a horrible statement "I have played the fool." Great challenge to men, especially at Fathers day

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In our scripture reading today we find perhaps one of the saddest accounts recorded in the bible of a father who went wrong, of a dad who made the wrong choices!

behold, I have played the fool, This is the confession of King Saul. No doubt in this particular setting Saul was referring to his conduct toward David, but in reality the same confession could be written as his autobiography.

What really makes matters worse is that this is one confession that could have been avoided. Saul was not sent into this world to play the role of a fool! And might I quickly add DADS that God never intends for any of us to foolishly raise our children!

Come with me this morning as we examine the life of this old testament father, and learn at his expense, the errors he made in his life and with his God!

We first meet up with Saul in the 9th chapter of 1 Samuel. What we find is a dad telling his son to go find a lost donkey! But he wasn’t just any son…in fact verse two says in the KJV that Saul was “a choice young man”…the NIV says “an impressive young man”… you might say that:

1.He was a man of splendid physique!

We are being introduced to a young man that stands head and shoulders above any of the other young men in Israel at that time. No doubt a regular down at the Fit for Life Club, Saul was the pick of the litter!

Secondly I would suggest to you as we get to know this young man that;

2. Saul started out a modest man:

This is evident in his conversation with Samuel. When the prophet came to anoint him King: it was Saul who made sure that everyone knew he was from the tribe of Benjamin; the smallest of the tribes of Israel.

Notice also that he was working at a fairly lowly task. HE went out searching for a lost donkey and ended up finding a Kingdom!

Hey dad: you might think that your task is small and insignificant: but it could be just the right setting for God to call you to a higher place of living!

I would also suggest to you as we get acquainted with this father that we notice:

3. He had youth on his side:

His best years were ahead of him, he was at that age in his life where the right career choices would undoubtedly bring him the largest results for himself and his family. He possessed all the qualities it took to get a job done right!

And as a result:

4. HE was chosen for a great task:

You see that morning before Samuel first met Saul: God had spoken to Samuel and said: “I have picked Saul!” Oh sure he had some learning to do: but God looked over all of Israel and hand picked Saul for the job!

In this room this morning: in our community: at our places of work are young fathers who just like Saul possess all the qualities for success!

Hey dad: you know who you are: Macho looking, modest, kind hearted, feeling perhaps even a little younger than you actually are…and your leaders have recognized the right qualities in you! You have been chosen to lead the project….You have been interviewed for the CEO spot… You have been called into the closed door meeting and told of the great opportunity…Yes even God himself may have looked in that great abyss and saw you to be the one to father that special child…

Say every element of success: every ingredient for happiness and well being had been afforded Saul…Oh as you look at them and the more you get to know Saul it’s easy almost to get a little jealous…but this morning there is but one question to be answered…

What did Saul do with his opportunities…and likewise dad’s what are you doing with your life opportunities?

Saul sums it all up in that 21st verse when he says: : behold, I have played the fool,

Oh Saul how did it happen…how could you have taken all the opportunities that had come your way, only to BLOW IT???

Saul, King Saul are your sure: recap your life for us surely there is something: : behold, I have played the fool!

Dad’s; SAUL SINNED! HE rebelled against God. HE turned from following the Lord who had given him a crown.

But wait pastor; haven’t other people sinned, I mean look at David….Yes friend but you see Saul’s tragedy was that; not only had he sinned, but he could never be brought to face his sin and confess it!

For instance: in chapter 13 we find his success rapidly going to his head, going into the midst of battle he forgets Gods plan, and figures he will do it his way. The result: 3,000 soldiers are reduced to just about 600. Samuel meets him and has to tell him “You acted foolishly” Things get really messed up and in verse 22 of chapter 13 we find that on the day of battle not a soldier with Saul had a weapon, only Him and his son…

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