Summary: Daniel purposed deep within his heart, that regardless what others would do, he would respectfully not bow to the king’s request.

Peer pressure-

A man who would not yield to peer pressure

Part 3


Romans 14:23, …for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

Daniel 1

A. Daniel purposed in his heart

1. Purposed

a. Heb. #7760- The basic root idea of this verb is to put, place something somewhere.

DEMONSTATE by picking up a chair and placing it.

This was not some foggy concept of right and wrong that he had, he had it deep enough it produced action on his part

b. His unwavering faith in God and beliefs in moral absolutes influenced those that stood nearby.

Daniel, a tremendous man of character and passion for righteousness flowed through his veins and the influence of that fell upon his friends.

I asked God to show me a picture of what took place and I saw Daniel, I knew him when I saw him, standing by a table and I heard the drone of voices.

I saw Daniel stand strong and true as he said the group of men before him, “my brothers, you do what you need to do, but I in good conscience cannot submit to this request.”

When he stopped talking, all talking ceased. There was nothing more to say. The unwavering voice of courage and faith in the almighty had spoken and stopped all the critics.

2. Daniel purpose sprang from deep within his heart

a. This was not “head” stuff, this courage and determination flowed from his heart.

C. The pressure was on for these men to bow.

1. The reward was favor with a ruthless, godless, crazy, king.

2. Hussein former leader of Iraqi was in the direct ancestral line of this king

This gives us a clue as to what Daniel was up against

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