Summary: jesus has set a mandate for His church to follow and fulfill

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A Mandate for the Church

Matthew 9:35-38

December 31, 2000


I. The reality of a national mandate

A. The political scene

1. This year’s election was at best unsettling and at worst a big joke

2. Political analysis brings out the question – Will George W. Bush have a real mandate for the nation?

3. This talk is creating confusion and division in the nation. It leads us to another important question – What is a mandate?

B. The meaning of mandate – Webster

1. An authoritative command

2. An authorization to act given to a representative

3. There is another type of mandate that I believe we need to look at this morning. The mandate of the church

II. The reality of a church mandate

A. Jesus laid out the instruction for the disciples to follow

1. Jesus spent three years getting the disciples ready to change the world

2. He gave them a pattern and plan for ministry that was nothing short of revolutionary and with it they changed the world

3. Jesus made the disciples His representatives in this world and sent them out. He still does the same thing today

B. Jesus has given us a mandate

1. We are to be the representatives of Christ in this world but we have backed away from our calling

2. We have a mandate from Christ to do His work – Will we obey?

3. Obedience to Christ will make us real, righteous and radical

Read Text: Matthew 9:35-38


I. The Mandate for Ministry

A. The pattern of ministry

1. Jesus went out

2. Jesus reached out to hurting people

B. The position of ministry

1. Jesus went everywhere He could go

2. Jesus was not partial to any place

C. The performance of ministry

1. Jesus worked hard by teaching

2. Jesus worked hard by preaching

3. Jesus worked hard by healing

D. The proclamation of ministry

1. Jesus came with a message of good news

2. The message of the Kingdom of Heaven

E. Application

1. We are called to go out

2. We are called to do the work of ministry

3. We are called to deliver good news

II. The Mandate for Mercy

A. Mercy sees those who are worried

1. Jesus saw people who were harassed

2. These were people who were weighed down

B. Mercy sees those who are weak

1. Jesus saw people who were helpless

2. These were people who had no meaning and no purpose

C. Mercy sees those who are wandering

1. Jesus saw people who were lost

a.) They were like sheep without a shepherd

b.) Jesus had compassion on them

2. These were people without leadership

D. Application

1. We need to see the problems of other people

2. We need to see the pain of other people

3. We need to see the potential of other people

III. The Mandate for Mission

A. Mission in the way of the Kingdom

1. The kingdom of God is based on a great harvest

2. The Kingdom of God is shown by harvesting in the field of souls

B. Mission in the work of the Kingdom

1. There is a vast need for workers

2. The harvest is too great for the few

C. Mission in the will of the Kingdom

1. Jesus is calling for us to pray

2. The need for prayer is also great

a.) God moves when we pray

b.) God will raise up the needed workers

D. Application

1. We must see the field of souls

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