"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: To be a Marked Man is not always bad.


Psalms 37:37

(37) Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.


When I say, “A MARKED MAN” what comes to your mind?

Osama bin Laden is one man that might. Many people now view him as, "A MARKED MAN." Osama bin Laden has apparently put himself in a position to be “A MARKED MAN.” It would appear that he is perhaps the one who has played the biggest part in the greatest tragedy our nation has ever encountered. September 11th, 2001 is a day that none of us will ever forget. I was sitting in front of our television that morning shortly after the fist plane had struck the north Tower. And I viewed first-hand as the second plane hit the south tower. Thousands of lives were taken in a horrific attempt to cause panic to engulf our nation. Osama bin Laden is said to be the Master-mind of it all. Truly he has became, "A MARKED MAN."


I feel that all terrorist should be considered "MARKED MEN" by the world. Truly each nation is faced with this same possibility. Terrorism is not liited to only our western states, but across the world. We see this even more now in Israel with the palestinians. And any one that would consider themselves to be terrorist should be know as, "Marked Men."


But to be a marked man does not always mean that he or she has been made to be an evil one. In fact, "A Marked Man" can often be a positive position to be in.

“A MARKED MAN” is one who has been singled out for any particular reason. "A MARKED MAN" is one in which is placed above many others. Many successful CEO’s of major cooperations today were once saught as, "A MARKED MAN." The company of which I make my living, has recenly placed a new CEO at the top of our company. He was successful in other ventures prior to his coming aboard with us. So then, he was looked upon from our company’s perspective as, "A MARKED MAN."

Every Christian should desire to be “A MARKED MAN.”

Every Christian should strive to be perfect and desire to be considered, “A MARKED MAN” for our Lord!

We as Christians should live our life so that those who look upon us would "Mark" us to be different; unique; righteous; Godly. The greatest compliment one can be bestowed is to be viewed as, "A MARKED MAN."

Osama bin Laden is an example to many of his followers of what we don’t want to be. A Evil Man! A Devil! Although he speaks of his God and some areas of good. Truly his intent is that of the devil. And eventually he will get his. Our KJV of the bible tells us that the man who calls eveil good and good evil will have to ultimately pay a heavy price. And he-will get his dues.


Who’s our example?

Our example of “A MARKED MAN” is “JESUS!”

We as Christians should see Jesus as “A MARKED MAN.”

When we were saved, all of a sudden Jesus became “A MARKED MAN.” Jesus became one who we sought after;

Jesus was one who we placed at the top as one to follow.

I often tells those around me, "I just want to be right." I desire to be like Jesus. We rarely seen him become very excitable when dealing with others failures. Everything he did he did with love. To me, Jesus is "A MARKED MAN." One who I seek to place as CEO over my Company (family). One who I try to measure up to. Immitate and be more like everyday.

Would you like to bring joy to our Lord? I will tell you how you can do it. Desire to become “A MARKED MAN” to those around you. Let your family, your co-worker’s see Jesus in you.

Strive to become that “MARKED MAN” for our Lord.

© Rev. James W. Bryant

Wednesday, September, 26th, 2001


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