Summary: A Message to the Lost

A message from Hell to those that are on their way!!

Luke 16:19-31

A message of Deception

Interview with the Rich Man

Matthew 24:4

The devil will tell you that he loves you

To wait until you quit some things

That you are a good person

That you are a church member, and work in the church

That you are already going to heaven

That you believe and that is enough James 2:19

That your works will get you to heaven Eph 2:8,9

A message of Procrastination

Interview with Felix

II Cor. 6:2

Just wait a little longer

Don’t need to do it now

Plenty of time to do that

Devil told you that the world isn’t going to end soon James 5:8

A message of Regret

Interview with Judas

Pr. 16:18, Hos 9:17

Regret the rejection of Jesus

Regret the unbelief

Regret the Pride

The wish that they only had one more opportunity

A message about Hell!!

Lets take a TOUR thru some of the Tortures in Hell

Unquenchable Fire, Darkness, Smell of burnt flesh, Gnashing of teeth, Misery and Pain, Weeping, Yelling, Screaming, Unsatisfied Thirst, No Water, Frustration and anger, Eternal Separation, Undiluted wrath, No peace, No Joy, Memory and Remorse, No Rest, No Mercy, No Comfort, No Hope, No way of escape

A message from Hell to Backslidden Christians

Proverbs 11:30

Why didn’t you tell me about this place?

Why didn’t you tell me the wages of sin?

Why didn’t you tell me that I had to be saved?

Why didn’t you tell me that you were a Christian?

Why didn’t you act like a Christian?

Why didn’t you invite me to come to your church?


A message from Hell to the True Christians

I wish that I would’ve listened to you!

You told me about salvation and I didn’t listen

Keep on telling the World about Jesus and go tell my family about salvation! ! !

You will be rewarded in Heaven;

The Crown of life James 1:2

The Crown incorruptible I Cor 9:24-27

The Crown of rejoicing I Thes 2:19,20

The Crown of Righteousness II Tim 4:5-8

The Crown of Glory I Peter 5:2-4

A Message from Hell to the Church

Mark 16:15

Go tell the world that Jesus is the answer

Don’t let satan stop you, he will try every way possible

Final thoughts:

If you are Lost, get saved! ! ! ! !

If you are backslidden, get right where you can tell people about JESUS! ! ! !

If you are right with God, KEEP ON TELLING! ! ! ! ! ! !

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