Summary: If a church is to grow it must have vision from God and Jesus is our best model for this.

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A Ministry Of Vision

Mark 8:1-10

I. Vision Comes Out of Concern (V. 1-3)

A. Concern for Our Community (v. 1)

1. It is a Matter of Obedience (Acts 1:8)

2. It is a Matter of Foresight (Gen 12:1-2)

B. Concern for The Empty (v. 2)

1. It is a Matter of Compassion (v. 2a)

2. It is a Matter of Persistence (v. 2b)

C. Concern for Their Eternal Fate (v. 3)

1. It is a Matter of Responsibility (v.3a)

2. It is a Matter of Eternity (v. 3b)

II. Vision Will Come With Doubt (v. 4)

A. Doubt Comes When We Question God

B. Doubt Comes When We Are Self-Centered

C. Doubt Comes When We Cease to See the Invisible

III. Vision Comes From Being Yielded (v. 5-7)

A. Vision Requires A Willingness to Sacrifice (v. 5)

1. Sacrifice of Time

2. Sacrifice of Pride

3. Sacrifice of Material Things

B. Vision Requires Us to Listen (v. 6a)

1. We Must Listen to the Lord (v. 6a)

2. We Must Allow God to Work (v.6a)

C. Vision Requires Action (v. 6b-7)

1. We Must Be willing to Move from Talk to Action ( v. 6b)

2. We Must Act When God Says Act (v. 6c-7)

IV. Vision Will Bring About Change (v. 8-10)

A. It Will Cause Believers to Walk Closer to the Lord (v. 10)

B. It Will Cause The Kingdom to Multiply (v. 9)

C. It Will Cause Lives to Be Changed for Eternity (v. 8)

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