Summary: A exhortation to all belivers becoming full circle and well balanced. Becoming complete in Christ as a model of good works.

A Model of Good Works

Titus 2:7-15 & Colossians 3:16-17

Introduction: Paul exhortation to all believers that they become full circle and well balanced in their faith and the challenge to live that well-balanced Christian life every day. We are to become complete in Christ as a model of good works.

When believers are spiritually well-balanced they can handle the urgencies of the day and are fruitful in all things. Paul is challenging the believer to become well rounded in Christ, His work, and in a daily devotion one to another. We are to produce good works and letting our light so shine that men may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven.

When Paul talks about a model of good works, he is speaking of developing a pattern of doing things the right way. Living the right way and serving in the right spirit that honors the Lord. The fruit of our excellent work is that it will produce a strong relationship with Christ. Strong marital relationships and strong people relationships with others as well.

Out of good works, faithful servants are born, good stewards of the manifold grace of God are given, trust worthy servants, sustainers of grace, kingdom workers and lovers of God. Becoming servants of God and servants one to another. The love of God perfected, as Jesus has said if we love one another by this shall all men know that you are my disciples. They posses the spirit of excellence, like Daniel (Daniel 6:3), not just called but a chosen vessel useable unto good works.

We are to be models of good works building up the church through building up one another through mentorship. The first several verses of Titus chapter two the Apostle Paul shows us how to be that model church that produces faithfulness, love one for another, daily support, teaching others to love God and one another. To be sincere in their Christian walk, that the believer will be thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Being that good example of the believer’s faith in the presence of a pervasive world. As mentioned in Colossians 3: 17, whatever you do, in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.

When the church is a model of good works, it becomes an example of the believer’s faith in God on exhibit for the world to observe. What do people see us do? What do people hear us say? Where do people see us go? What do people see in us? How genuine is our walk with the Lord? The truth is Paul wanted every area of our Christian life to be a influence to others for Christ sake. Our ministry, our lifestyle, our friends, our family and our church relationship with each other to be in tact and filled with purpose to instruct those who do not believe. That they see in us the hope of glory, and that Christ is truly the way, the truth, and the life.

People notice what we do for others, they examine our advice to determine our credibility, the way we conduct our business, the entertainment or habits we are involved in, the way we spend money, how we serve at church, the way we respond to the needs of those around us, the way we react to those who offend us, and so forth. There is always someone watching to profile our work and life in Christ. Let’s always remember that all of these things are teachable moments for someone. Christianity is a work of labor and love, that will not be forgotten by the Lord.

We have heard it said that life can be like a tight wire, walking a tight wire requires focus and balance always, doubt has a way of showing up to distract us from our assignments. I have come to conclude over the years that just about anything can take us off task, stop us from attending church, hinder the financial flow, destroy relationships, hindering the work that we are called to finish.

The apostle Paul addresses himself as a model of good work, I have kept the faith, I have fought a good fight, and I have finished my course. Let’s not allow ourselves to be distracted by stopping and looking around, engaging in too many trivial things can cause our life to be out of balance in a spiritual sense, and ever learning to staying off the devil’s playground, keeping our eyes, ears, and mind off of him.

Like Peter walking on the water to Jesus. Life presents us with many challenges daily, and some things are unknown to us, we don’t all ways know what to expect, but we should be learning not to react but rather how to respond, therefore we are asked to be led by the Holy Spirit for a perfected work.

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