Summary: This sermon is taken from the life of Hannah and is designed to give encouragement and guidance to Mothers on Mother’s Day.

“A Mother Who Dared to Dream Again”


I Samuel 1:1-28

Mother’s Day has a very special place in the hearts of the majority of people in America.

Hallmark estimates that 150 million Mother’s Day cards will be sent this year (but only 95 million Father’s Day cards), making Mother’s Day the third largest greeting card holiday of the year.

U.S. Americans spend an average of $105 on Mother’s Day gifts, $90 on Father’s Day gifts.

The phone rings more often on Mother’s day than Father’s day.

The busiest day of the year at car washes? The Saturday before Mother’s Day. What mom thinks still matters.

Clothes for Eternity

A mother was browsing in the ladies’ department one day with her son who was just learning to read. Trying to read all the signs he could, he came upon one in the maternity department. "Look, Mom!" he said excitedly as he pointed at the sign. "They’re even making clothes for eternity now!"

Mom and Dad were watching TV when Mom said, "I’m tired, and it’s getting late. I think I’ll go to bed." She went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for the next day’s lunches. Rinsed out the popcorn bowls, took meat out of the freezer for supper the following evening, checked the cereal box levels, filled the sugar container, put spoons and bowls on the table and started the coffee pot for brewing the next morning. She then put some wet clothes in the dryer, put a load of clothes into the washer, ironed a shirt and secured a loose button. She picked up the game pieces left on the table and put the telephone book back into the drawer. She watered the plants, emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry.

She yawned and stretched and headed for the bedroom. She stopped by the desk and wrote a note to the teacher, counted out some cash for the field trip, and pulled a textbook out from hiding under the chair.

She signed a birthday card for a friend, addressed and stamped the envelope and wrote a quick note for the grocery store. She put both near her purse.

Mom then washed her face with 3 in 1 cleanser, put on her Night Solution & age fighting moisturizer, brushed and flossed her teeth and filed her nails.

Dad called out, "I thought you were going to bed." I’m on my way," she said. She put some water into the dog’s dish and put the cat outside, then made sure the doors were locked. She looked in on each of the kids and turned out their bedside lamps, hung up a shirt, threw some dirty socks into the hamper, and had a brief conversation with the one up still doing homework.

In the bedroom, she set the alarm; laid out clothing for the next day, straightened up the shoe rack. She added three things to her 6 most important things to do list. She said her prayers, and visualized the accomplishment of her goals.

About that time, Dad turned off the TV and announced to no one in particular. "I’m going to bed." And he did...without another


I Samuel 1:1-18 is about the birth of Samuel considered the greatest figure in Israel’s history between Moses and David. Samuel’s father was Elkanah and his mother was Hannah. I Samuel chapter one the spotlight is on Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Elkanah had two wives – Peninnah and Hannah. Plural marriages were permitted under Mosaic Law. Jesus made it clear that God’s original plan was the marriage of one man to one woman. Matthew 19:8. The Old Testament record shows that trouble always followed the practice of plural marriages.

Elkanah was a godly man. He took his family each year to Shiloh where the Tabernacle had been located since the days of Joshua. They made the journey in order to worship and sacrifice unto the Lord.

Peninnah had children, but Hannah was childless. To have children was a sign of God’s blessing and to not have children was a source of shame to Hebrew women.

Peninnah took advantage of her situation and made fun of Hannah and became her revival and adversary. Peninnah was jealous of Hannah because Elkanah loved Hannah more than he loved Peninnah. Verses 6-7 “Peninnah kept provoking Hannah year after year…” As far as we know Hannah did not fight back but took her frustrations to God in prayer.

I. Hannah Had Her Dreams Shattered

Hannah married Elkannah and was looking forward to being a mother with children. To have a child would mean she was blessed by God according to her Hebrew tradition.

Year after year she was childless and had only one place to turn. Many mothers have had their dreams shattered – things did not work at as planned. A baby was born physically, emotionally or mentally challenged. A marriage did not work out – the mother was left with the responsibility of raising the children.

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