Summary: Mother's Day sermon for 2016 of how mother's have a tremendous influence on children's lives.

A Mother’s Influence

2 Tim 2:5-7

Today is a special day – celebrate mothers and grandmothers

Mothers and grandmothers are the most special people on earth – closest to God’s love for children

I personally believe they have the hardest job that has ever been created

They work the longest hours; for the littlest pay; for the least appreciation

They have to be a finance manager; corporate household executive; always on call

They are psychiatrists and therapists and politicians and are supposed to never lose it

Story of little girl in Walmart crying and mother saying “It’s okay Ellen, we’re almost done; take a deep breath” Mother said that several times and never lost her cool. When checking out the cashier said she had seen her and was amazed at how patient the mother was with her daughter Ellen. The mother looked at her and said “My name is Ellen not her”

Study showed that with all Mother’s do in a given day; their multiple positions and roles and tasks; they would earn an annual income of $200k

And to top it all off, they have a tremendous responsibility on how they mold, shape, and influence their children

Today I want us to see that A Mother’s Influence can impact and be felt for several generations

We see that in our passage today 2 Tim 1:5-6 Paul sees this influence

“I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now live in you. For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of hands”


Trans: Notice Paul says that he is reminded of Timothy’s faith – he had seen it before…mothers and grandmothers…

1. Influence our Faith

Important to notice here that Paul didn’t say GAVE Timothy their faith

Faith isn’t something that anyone can GIVE to you…but it is something that can be influenced

How? By seeing it lived out in life

Mother’s and grandmothers alike greatly influence their children and grandchildren’s faith by how they live out faith themselves

Notice that Lois, Timothy’s grandmother, lived out her faith in a way that influenced Timothy’s mother, Eunice

That faith, Paul was reminded of, because he was now seeing it in Timothy’s life

Timothy had seen both mother and grandmother live in faith and now he is also exhibiting his faith in the Lord

Our passage doesn’t go into any detail at all – but we are able to deduce mother/grandmother did something right – CAN I GET A WITNESS?

Notice that Timothy is a 3rd generation follower of Christ in this family

Mainly because of a mother’s influence who was herself influenced by her mother’s faith

I can imagine that this faith that has impacted Timothy could probably be seen through a life of devotion to God

Devotion to scripture; Devotion to prayer; Devotion to church

Faith in the lean times and times of plenty; in the good times and bad

In the failures and successes; faith in how to win and how to lose

Impact of this mother and grandmother greatly impacted Timothy’s faith…but I’m sure also the faith of others

Trans: Secondly, Paul sees that because of the influence of faith he could see that mothers and grandmothers also…

2. Influence our Gift

Everyone is given a gift; a talent; that is given by God

Mother’s and grandmother’s have a great influence on that gift

Honestly, mothers/grandmothers are a gift to children from God

There is no greater fan of a child than a mother/grandmother

God has given mothers and grandmothers the ability to see the best of their children in the worst of situations

Great encouragers to use our gift; don’t give up; try again

They help to influence confidence knowing that failure is just a set-back

Great menders of what gets broken; know just how to fix it

All the kings’ horses and men couldn’t put humpty back together again but I know his mother could

That only seems to multiply when a mother becomes a grandmother and has grandchildren

Prov 17:6 “Grandchildren are a crown to their grandparents…”

No coincidence the word CROWN is used…as in this crown is precious jewels

Psa 127:3 “Children are a heritage from the Lord; a reward from him”

A reward is a crown if you will

When everyone else has given up and a child or grandchild; mothers and grandmothers never give up

That’s why their love is the closest to God’s love

It’s sacrificial; painful; unselfish; unrelenting; never ceasing

When everyone else sees the worst; mothers/grandmothers see the best

Mothers/grandmothers help to FAN INTO FLAME the gift given by God

They do this by helping us to strive for the best; don’t give up or give in;

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