Summary: This was our New Year's sermon for 2011

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A New Beginning

Today marks the start of a new year. Today signifies the passing away of 2010 and the grand entrance of 2011. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and you have just received A NEW BEGINNING. As I read the 1st chapter of John, I realized some great truths about Jesus Christ:

I. Jesus Christ was there when you were created

Imagine God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit sitting at the beginning of time talking about you. Not just in a random, passing conversation, but in a well-planned discourse. From the very start, God has known the person you would become. Before the beginning of your creation He knew about the mistakes, failures, the downs and outs. He even knew about your doubt and fear. Yet, in the midst of all of your shortcomings, He still died for you already knowing you would waiver in your support and belief of Him.

• Verse 1-3

• He knew you from the start

• In spite of your mess

II. In Jesus Christ is our life and our light

Jesus Christ is the epitome of what our lives should be. He is our perfect example and our perfect sacrifice. Jesus came that we might have life. The greatest thing about light is the fact that it brings clarity to dark places. When we allow the light of Christ to shine in our lives, we really come to see who we are. All at once, the divinity of Christ exposes our past failures and our promising futures. I can remember being a junior in high school and I was given my first car. It was a red 1998 Chevrolet Beretta. The wheels were dirty, you could only enter through the passenger door, and the suspension was squeaky. As happy as I was to have a car of my own, I was embarrassed. Then one day a student from one of the local colleges came to visit and coincidentally he was driving a 1998 Chevrolet Beretta. It was sparkling gold with new rims, a fresh paint job, and it hummed as he rode by. Needless to say, it put my version to shame. As I looked at his version of my car, I realized that although our cars looked different on the outside, they were the exact same model. My car had the POTENTIAL to look just like his. Even though your life might seem bruised, battered, and in need of an extreme makeover, you must remember Jesus is the picture of what you could someday be. You have a promising future in Jesus Christ.

• Christ illuminates the way

• Verse 4-5

• Stop looking for people to show you the way

• Momma cant, daddy cant, sister cant, brother cant

III. In Jesus Christ your life is made new

John tells us that all who receive Christ have been given the right to become the Sons of God. When you welcome Jesus into your life, you are spiritually reborn and you receive a new life in Christ. Jesus comes in to begin molding you from the inside out. He can change your attitudes, desires, and your motives. You are given a FRESH start.

• Verses 12-14

• The word brings change

• The word will change your name

• Verse 42

• Christ will look at you as you are: while you’re dirty, while you’re lying, while you’re cheating, while you’re stealing, while you’re broke, while you’re doubting, while you’re running. He looks at who you are but he calls you who you will be.

In this New Year, let go of the old you and embrace your POTENTIAL. Let go of the past failures. Let go of the past mistakes. Let go of the past and embrace your NEW BEGINNING. God has great plans for you through Jesus Christ. Accept Christ not only in word, but in deed. I am truly excited about what God is preparing to do in this New Year and I am praying for His purpose to be revealed in you. Until next time remember, "We Can Do IT Together."

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