Summary: God is slowly dismantling "stereotype" churches and establishing "prototype" churches

A New Definition of “Vision” - Proverbs 29:18

Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint (NIV)

If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves (Message)

When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild (NLT)

God is slowly dismantling “stereotype” churches and establishing “prototype” churches

Prototype churches are churches that are following God into new territory. (New for the church, but certainly not new for God.)

Leaders in prototype churches know how to turn potential into “actual”

Most churches have a great deal of potential, but it is never accessed. The churches potential sits mired in religious obligation and traditions.

This is where that holy frustration I spoke of last week comes into play. Leaders in the fledgling church that God is building today understand that this frustration is a critical part of growth. God initiated growth cannot happen in a church that is satisfied with its current state. We must be provoked to move forward, to seek the face of God for His plan for us. This is a redefining of vision.

How many of you want God to be on your side?

He has only one side – HIS SIDE!

This is why so many churches are dead or dying, because they want God to show up on their terms and if He does anything outside of the box they have built for them, they reject it as “not of God”.

If we want to move forward, we must “partner” with God on His terms

Most Christians want all that God has for them, without cost.

We can’t “buy” anything God has for us, but there is always a cost

Salvation is free, but the results will cost you your life

Access to God’s power is free, but the cost is warfare & attack

Purity, maturity, authority are all free, the cost is responsibility

The Lord tells us that we must be good stewards of what He gives us.

If we pray, “Lord, take us into a new realm of anointing”, which, by the way is a great prayer, we are also asking for a new opponent.

Remember, new levels, new devils.

But, to be a strong church, we must battle strong devils.

Have you ever played those video games with your kids?

My boys kick my butt. I can’t get past the first level of opponents, while they are on level 15 or something…

As a church, and as individuals, if we want to continue to experience the boundless life of God, we must continue to battle for new levels. Or we will stagnate and become another religious institution, just going through the motions.

Remember, when we face new levels off opposition, it’s not OUR strength that gets us through. It’s allowing the strength of God to flow through us that defeats the enemy.

The first level is ALWAYS about the flesh and the first rule of spiritual warfare is that we cannot take ground from the devil in an area that he has ground in us.

Here’s the point: We must defeat the devil on the level we are on at the present time (the sin that easily defeats you). As we overcome this weakness and force the devil that empowers it to submit to our victory in Christ, that devil becomes our footstool to climb to the next level.

Are you at a place that you feel the Lord calling you to come deeper?

Are you willing to stop asking God to be on your side and step over to His?

Would you like to move from “frustration” to “provocation”?

Do you want to have your “potential” turned into “actual”?

Are you ready to overcome your current struggle & claim victory?

Then step on the devil and climb to the next level!

This is what Proverbs 29:18 is all about. Seeing what God is doing and joining Him in the adventure. This is how we all move forward.

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