Summary: This sermon tells us that ministry is a family affair.

Redefining Relationships

A New Family Dynamic

Joshua 24:14-15

Lawrence D Vinson



I realize that over the last eleven months of ministry here that I may sometimes come across as hateful towards the trends of this world. I realize that there are times when I seem to be bashing what our culture deems “normal”. Well, if that’s what you think then I have to say that I would agree; I am not a lover of this world. You have heard the saying before that tells us to, “Be a lover not a fighter” well I am the exact opposite, I am a fighter not a lover. I started this series because I am tired of how culture has transformed the definition of relationships to something that is not of God, they’re not even close. Last week we talked about how our relationship with God must not be fake, but be something very real. We have to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ if we are to ever fulfill our roles as Disciples here on Earth. However, that is not the only relationship that must be brought up to the changing table, so to speak. There are many more, and throughout the next three weeks, we will be exploring and redefining these relationships. So, today let us focus on a type of relationship that affects most of our hearts to the core; family.

Most of the families that exist within our society have lost the meaning of the word. We have turned from a community sense of family to a very individualistic sense. If you look at the average family you will see three-to-four people who live very separate lives with separate agendas all going at 100 miles per hour.

It is unfortunate to say that this isn’t just the case with non-Christian families. It is becoming harder and harder in this world to differentiate between Christians and non-Christian, and the family is no exception to this trend. Listen, this should not be the case if we are to be sold-out for Christ, we have to restore the sense of community within our families if we are to have the relationships within our family that God has called us to have.

Let me stress that I am not saying that individuality must be done away with, because I believe fully that God made us individual for a reason; however, our individuality must be a part of our family community. I have to say that I am glad I am not the only one who shares these views. As I was researching this sermon the other day I came across a comment from Glynnis Whitwer from Proverb 31 ministries, listen to what she writes:

“Today it’s rare to see siblings serving alongside each other, either in church or in a ministry outside of church. Parents often focus on allowing each child to explore his or her individual gifts and talents through service – which is a good thing. Then as brothers and sisters grow up, their lives take them away from each other. But what might happen if we initiated opportunities for our children to serve together? What if we served God with our own brothers or sisters at our sides?”

I want to take this quote one step further, what if we served with our entire families? What if we gathered around the living room not to reminisce about the past, but to plan for the future? I believe the only way to restore the community within our families is to begin serving with our family. Ministry is a family affair, and we have to learn that if we are to redefine the relationship within our family.

While this is the goal I don’t think it is obtainable overnight. I believe if you look at God’s Word then you will see a blueprint for how family should look and act. In order for ministry to be a family affair two things must happen: First God has to be put on the top of your family’s list and second, you have to, as a family, make choices to serve Christ daily.

I admit that this is easier said then done, but it is my prayer that by the end of this sermon you will go home encouraged that it can be just as easily done. So, instead of receiving instruction from Proverbs, Ephesians, or the like, let’s turn to what has to be the best example of someone making ministry a family affair. If you have your Bibles, I invite you to turn to Joshua 24 so we, as a family, can explore the two things that must be present in order for ministry to be a family affair. Let’s look at the first thing which says that...

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