Summary: A Seeker message for the unchurched!Points seems to be transportable in thier minds!

A New Way to A New You!

(2 Corinthians 5:14-21)

(Conversion, Forgiveness, New Creation)



I am amazed at one of God’s display of grace in nature. There is one activity that I believe is God’s mini motion picture of a sinner becoming a saint. Of a pagan truing into a preacher.

That one thing is the transformation of a caterpillar into a gorgeous butterfly.

A Caterpillar a prickly. Lazy self-centered bug. Working hard to go no where.

Little boys love to quash with their new height-tech tennis shoes

Little girls run away with a irritating shriek to their voice.

But in a grace moment , In some pre-ordained time. Something happens

A thick film covers the caterpillar and entombs itself in its own flesh.

A chemical reaction changes their very atomic make-up of the creature.

This is known as the Chrysalis period..

And soon the emerging butterfly can be seen within and it spreads it s wings and

Begins to kick off its’ old life and begin it’s new one.

This life cycles is known as a metamorphism.

In our text today the Apostle Paul is writing to the Corinthians and telling them that they went through a spiritual metamorphism.

The key verse in this passage is 2 Cor 5:17, “Therefore is anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone the new has come.”

Paul is saying that in the life cycle of a sinner saved by grace .

God’s works the miracle of a spiritual metamorphism

Once we were useless caterpillars, and in a instant the Holy spirit comes into the cocoon of our hearts and begins a spiritual metamorphism and the end result is a gorgeous work of God that can fly to new heights and have limitless potential in changing it’s surroundings.

I would like to giver you 3 encouragements form 2 Corinthians about what God can do with our lives…

As we talk together I want you to be asking yourself at what stage in the life cycles are you in?

caterpillar living for your self , or are u slowly letting God come into the dirty part s of your life and begin to do a new work within you.

Or are you a full-blown beautiful bitterly designed to fly to new heights……...

This spiritual metamorphism changes us in at least three ways

Lee’s read for the fist one

The first change that we receive a

1.) NEW Destiny ( a new life ).

Look at verse 14-15 with me

Paul is saying that the new creation the new Christian does not live any longer for themselves. The live for Jesus who dies for them.

In my research on the metamorphism of a butterfly. I learned that the caterpillar is no help to those around. It does not eat other pests it only drinks sap form tress and plants. It lives a self-centered life.

As Christian will no longer live to polish our portfolios.

We no longer liver to make us look good.. Our new lives are to make Him look good.

If fact Paul says that in Galatians we don’t’ even live any longer.

Turn to Galatians 2:20 “ You read it while I quote it.””””””

Paul later says,” that no ones lives to them selves and no one dies to them selves.”

We have put out a for sale sign to Jesus Christ as our only buyer. And the deal is closed

The sale is final. We can not ask for the home back. We have a new home-owner.

One spring, sometime before the Civil War, a boy in search of work came to Worthy Taylor’s prosperous Ohio farm. The farmer knew nothing much about the boy except that his name was Jim, but he gave him a job. Jim spent the winter cutting stove wood, bringing in the cows and making himself generally useful. He ate in the kitchen and slept in the hayloft.

Before the summer was over, Jim had fallen in love with Taylor’s daughter. The father refused to let him marry her because he had no money, no well-to-do name, and a very poor future. Even though Jim was disappointed, he put his belongings in his old carpetbag and disappeared.

Thirty-five years passed before Taylor one day tore down his barn to make room for a new one. On the rafters above the hayloft he discovered that Jim had carved his full name--James A. Garfield. He was then the president of the United States.

§ You know people may look at us and think there’s not much hope--no money, no name, very poor prospects.

§ But Jesus comes along and sees a diamond in the rough. He sees possibilities for all who will submit to Him. Christ saw the potential of the flawed life of Levi the tax collector, and Peter, the fisherman.

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