Summary: A message about God’s "Order of Submission"...

A New World Order

James 4:7

* What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “A New World Order?” For me, I remember hearing this phrase in the 1980’s talking about a new set of values, ethics, and more through the conspiracy theories (some of which seems to be playing out today), all the way through the Obama election. When we look on the National Political landscape many things are changing. Is it a “New World Order?” Surely, it is. Whether this is good or bad is yet to be seen.

* This morning I submit to you that a new world order is indeed needed. However, without reservation the new order does not need to be an order of politics, by government, from economics, or anything manmade. It seems that almost every time mankind attempts to “chart a new course”, any successes are short lived.

* When Jesus left Heaven and came to Earth, He came with the mission of establishing a New World order. We find hints of His desire in many of his teachings beginning in the Sermon on the Mount. Think about it, before Jesus did it who would have dared to teach the “poor in spirit, the mourners, the gentle, the merciful, the pure in heart, and the peacemakers are blessed people?” Yet, this is exactly how he began the platform for His ministry. And in this short message He goes on to teach about responsibility, relationships, and God’s reality. Even within the model prayer He prays, “Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Have you ever seriously contemplated that statement? What would it be like for things on earth to work in the exact same way that they do in Heaven?

* In Heaven, there is no debate as to who’s on the throne, there is no discussion about right and wrong, and there is no difference of opinion about the trivial. In Heaven, these issues are settled! And this is exactly what Jesus prayed for and desired for us on earth.

* What would this kind of a new world order look like? I am submitting to you that God’s new world order is so radical that we have never seen it before. Two weeks ago I heard a preacher friend, Bro. Jerry Wilkins, give a great word about conflict. Within this message, I believe, He gave dug out a nugget which needs to be heard, accepted, and lived out. Yet, it is so radical that many will thumbs their noses at the one word which defines God’s New World Order. Turn to James 4:7.

* Although it is a seemingly hated word in our day, the word and concept of “submission” is at the forefront of the word of our Lord. In fact, today I’ll offer you several levels of submission which, I believe, God desires for us to live by in this life. If we did, a new world order or better said a DIVINE world order would be established. Let’s visit our Bibles this morning.

1. Nature Submits to Mankind – In Genesis 1:28, God places man into the garden with these instructions, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and ‘subdue’ it. In the Hebrew language the word translated “subdue” means to bring under bondage and speaks of subservience. This means that nature responds to the leadership and workings of mankind. Mankind has a responsibility to work (a four letter word in the 21st century) the land, treat it with respect, and bring the best from it. Just as surely as Jesus gave us the command to “Make Disciples”, we are to subdue the earth.

2. Employees submit to Employer – Some will ask, “Where does the Bible use these terms?” Admittedly, these precise terms are not used, but the principles are taught by using the terms of the day which were “slave and master.” When Paul writes to Timothy (1 Tim 6:1-2) he tells the believer worker to respect his master or boss and do better work than the non-believer. He also pushes the issue to say, “Don’t take advantage of the boss because he is a fellow believer.” Jack and Jim went to church together, sat in a class together, sang in the choir together, and served on the personnel team together. The played golf together and went to ballgames together. However, at work Jack was the boss and Jim was the employer. Tension developed when Jim continually attempted to use their friendship as a way to get “out of” doing the ‘dirty work’ which the job required. The breaking point came when another employee challenged Jack that Jim wasn’t pulling his weight and made a convincing case. By the way, this ‘other employee’ was someone which Jack and Jim were attempting to share their faith with. Now, influence was lost. It is important that, as a believer, you do more than look for your paycheck and “day off.” It is paramount that we do everything as unto the Lord. This includes respecting and thus, submitting to the boss.

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