Summary: The idea of serving God arouses in some people not only a wrong understanding but also an unwillingness to put this into practice.

The idea of serving God arouses in some people not only a wrong understanding but also an unwillingness to put this into practice. The reason for this is because these people are motivated by an egocentric spirit. In fact, the whole world is motivated by this spirit – an egocentric spirit. The "Ego" wants to rule and exercise dominion over people. "Ego" means "I", "my", "me". It is these components of ego - "I", "my" and "me" - that rule in this world and make it full of unrest and chaos. And it is not by chance that the world is like this. The reason for chaos is selfishness. That is why, in a world where arrogance and careerism rule, the word "serve" sounds degrading.

For God, the idea of "service" is associated with the highest honor. In the spiritual realm, you cannot be any higher than the level at which you are serving. You will not rise any higher than the level you are prepared to humble yourself in your ministry of serving other people.

Your success in life is determined by the extent to which you can humble yourself to serve others.

I personally try to set no time limits when I am serving others. I enjoy talking to people who come up to me and I like encouraging them. Even if I do not have time to get into a conversation with someone, I just stretch out my arm and touch that person and give him a smile to brighten up his day. Learn to give yourself to others and to be a servant. Build your life with the aim of serving others. Why the world does remember the names of certain individuals? Some names have become renowned simply because these people dedicated their lives to serving others.

From the Bible, we read so much of what God has done for people. He sent them His prophets and gave His only begotten Son, Jesus, in order to serve people on earth. Even in His death, God through the person of Jesus was serving others. After He has been raised from the dead and seated at the right hand of God the Father, Jesus continues to serve us.

Serving others is a high honor in the spiritual realm.

As a pastor, your standpoint must be like Jesus. It is a great honor to be like Him. But you have to separate yourself from this world.

Make it a priority to rise above the selfishness that rules in this world. Do not be trapped by the idea of "I", "my" and "me" in your service to the people. That is too low for someone who is a minister of God. Rise above it! Praise God, we have been born by the Holy Spirit and translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His marvelous Light. We are no longer children of darkness but children of the Light. Build your life on biblical principles and bring it in line with the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever it is that helps to form you to become more like the Father is the real ministry.

Learn to be a servant; otherwise you will never learn to be obedient to God. God will never entrust a ministry to anyone who has not firstly learnt to be a servant among men. As you can see, your ministry to God depends directly on how you minister to others by serving them. Until you have learned to give your life for others, the Lord will, in no way, be able to use you in any ministry.

Your future depends on how wide open your heart is to serve people. Give all that you have for the Kingdom of God! The Bible says that there is he that scatters and yet increases; and there is he that withholds more than is met but tends to poverty. In other words the person who sows generously will also reap bountifully.

Conquer your own ego by extirpating selfishness, careerism, ambition and every other desire to seek your own personal gain. You may say that these things are not in you but we all are like that because we were all born in sin and have the same carnal nature. Accordingly, our tendency is to want, first of all, to satisfy our own self. Right from the beginning, we were born into a world where ego rules until we came to God and received the new birth, now, we entered a kingdom where love rules.

I want you to realize that the antidote that counters the egoism of this world is serving others in complete humility. Change your life by directing it towards serving others. A pastor has to have a heart that loves everybody, including his enemies! So, change perspectives and focus in ministry.

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