Summary: The pattern that appears in the text indicates that there is a need for a refilling.

The Book of Acts Lesson #8

“A Pentecostal Re-filling”

Acts 4:23-37

The pattern that appears in these verses as well as other places in Acts indicates

that there is a need for a refilling of the Holy Spirit. This is very important in the life of a believer.

Vs. 23 - Peter and John return to the fellowship of the believers. What com-

fort they were to these two men.

Vs. 24 - Three reasons why it is important to be “re-filled with the baptism in the

Holy Spirit:

1.) It enables us to live joyfully.

2.) It empowers us to serve.

3.) It always glorifies God.

* A mighty prayer meeting was berthed by the early Church.

Here is how they prayed:

1.) They lifted up their voices to God.

2.) They were in one accord.

3.) They pleaded their case before God.

Vs. 25-26 - Peter quotes from Psalms 2:1-2. It speaks of the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Vs. 27-28 - God knew exactly what they would do to Jesus.

Vs. 29 - The Apostles pray for boldness. Boldness is not reckless impulsiveness.

* The Pattern for Boldness:

1.) Pray for Holy Spirit courage.

2.) Look for opportunities.

3.) Learn to accept rejection.

4.) Start in small areas of your life.

** The Apostles did not pray to be kept safe.

Vs. 30 - Where prayer is exercised, God breaks in with his supernatural acts of signs and wonders.

Vs. 31 - This is the first mentioning in Acts of a Holy Spirit “re-filling”. (By the way, it has never been done away with. God is willing to “fill” and “re-fill” all those who are hungry for more of Him.)

Vs. 32 - Spiritual unity is essential to usher in the Kingdom of God. “One can put a thousand to flight while two can put ten-thousand to flight”. (See Duet. 32:30.

Vs. 33 - These believers shared everything. When we realize that what we possess belongs to God - we can serve with others.

Vs. 34 - Do not mistake this for communism:

1.) The sharing was voluntary.

2.) What was given was what was needed to sustain the life.

3.) It was not a requirement.

Vs. 35 - This was an act of support to the Apostles.

What takes place is not a Biblical command.

Vs. 36 - 37 - Barnabas was a respected leader in the Church. Barnabas means “Son of Encouragement”. He sets the example for the whole Church by selling a field and putting the money at the Apostle’s feet.

These verses teach us:

1.) Refilling of the Holy Spirit is an essential and perpetual experience.

2.) Refilling of the Holy Spirit reinforces the initial experience of the baptism

of the Holy Ghost.

3.) Refilling of the Holy Spirit is a gracious work of the Lord.

4.) Refilling of the Holy Spirit is received by faith alone.

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