Summary: Do you want a full Church house with new converts? Here are four principles given to us by the example of Rahab. Her house of harlotry became a haven for the lost!


An Old Testament Model of a New Testament Church

Text: Joshua 2:8-24


God has a desire that his house may be full. There is a picture of a full Church found in the Old Testament. It is the house of Rahab the Harlot. Can you imagine the great transformation that took place in house once the two spies had brought her into a personal relationship with the God of Israel. Her harlot’s den of iniquity had become a house of prayer and worship!

When the walls of Jericho had fallen only her house remained on the wall. Everyone within the house experienced “salvation.” Her house was full. How did this happen? If we could learn the truth of that question, and apply these principles to our local Churches today, we too, could have a full house at the coming of the Lord!

1. A Genuine Born Again experience.

The Blood of Cross of Christ was preached in this Church. We have this pictured by the scarlet thread that was placed outside of the window of Rahab’s home on the wall of Jericho. All of the children of Israel had been told of the courage and faith of Rahab. In there daily march aroundthe city, they must have all taken note of the scarlet thread on the wall. Likened unto the days of the Passover, this was a type of blood on the door post.

There is power in the blood. There was enough power in this thread that two grown men could hold on to its safety as they escaped from sure destruction. There was enough power in the scarlet thread to keep the walls of Jericho from falling. There is power in the blood.

Rahab had had a genuine born again experience. She was no longer trusting in the idolatrous gods of Jericho. She had placed her faith in the God of Israel.

2. A Life lived in Holiness.

The day that Rahab had trusted in the God of Israel would be her last day of harlotry. The red rope that might have stood for a house of sin, became a symbol of the cross. Rahab’s business became God’s business. She had become a new creation in Christ Jesus, Saint Rahab!

3. A Passion for Souls.

The passion of Rahab’s heart became that of her family and friends. One by one she compelled them to into in. It is not enough that a Church preach with the right doctrine. That alone will not bring souls into the Kingdom. It is not enough that Church members live lives of holiness. That will not fill up the Church. The people of God must have a passion to win the lost!

The fields are white unto harvest. Where are the reapers?

4. A Plan of Hope.

The king of Jericho had no plan. The doomed people of the city simply hung there head over the wall and looked sadly at their coming fate. There hearts were trembling within them as they feared the coming judgment. Only Rahab had a plan. Only Rahab had been given the promise of salvation. Her home alone with be the ark of safety.

As a Church we have been commissioned by Christ to share the good news of salvation with the lost. We have a message of hope. We alone know the truth of Christ.


When we become as convinced of coming judgment, and compassionate as Rahab was for the lost members of her family, we too will have a full Church. May this Old Testament Church renew a challenge within us for us to become the Church of God’s design.

Remember again the cry of the Father:

(Luke 14:23) And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

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