Summary: Interesting insight regarding Nicodemus’ visit and its implication for us

We read and hear so much about covert ops these days. People trying to hide what they’re doing from those around them for personal, political, or economic gain do things in secret that they wouldn’t do openly. Nicodemus was a man on a quest. He flew in the face of popular opinion in order to learn the truth about Jesus. He put his career in jeopardy doing it, but the truth, particularly about Jesus Christ will set him free and can set you free to be fully alive too.

1. Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night

A. Jesus was widely acclaimed as a miracle worker and as an anointed teacher of the Scriptures. He taught from

first hand knowledge rather then from the tradition of the elders of Israel.

B. Nicodemus was apparently sent by the Pharisees to confront Jesus and seek the truth about Him. He said, “Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him” (v. 2).

C. Nicodemus wasn’t ready to accept Jesus as his Lord any more than most people today are. People today are afraid they’ll have to give up too much. Nicodemus thought he’d have to give up his power and position.

2. Jesus gave him direct answers to his questions

A. The kingdom of God is the place in both the present and the future where God reigns supreme. Jesus plainly told him he’d have to change his prospective if he wanted to enter in.

B. The way into God’s kingdom or heaven on earth and in the glory land is to be reborn in the Spirit.

C. When Nicodemus questioned Him as to what it meant to be born again, Jesus answered him plainly by saying, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

D. We are better able to understand these precepts then Nicodemus was because over 2000 years of testimony point to the deity of Jesus Christ, but the Scriptures always pointed to Him (see: Psalm 2, 22, Isaiah 53 etc).

3. He couldn’t quite grasp the concept Jesus shared

A. Nicodemus was a well educated member of the Pharisees. He had apparently been raised among the elders of that body yet he couldn’t grasp the spiritual implication of the Scriptures.

B. We discern things by head knowledge that we should be looking with spiritual eyes. The entire Old Testament points to Christ and to God’s desire to be in the center of man’s life and heart.

C. Looking only at the surface is the reason many miss the greater implication of God’s promise of eternal life to those who believe on Jesus Christ as deliverer and Lord.

4. Jesus gave him spiritual answers

A. Jesus spoke of having been in heaven and knowing about it.

B. He spoke prophetically of His own death on the cross for our sins and of God’s love for humanity.

C. He spoke about God’s desire for our salvation and how worldly people don’t believe or seek it and of how they refuse to entertain the thought of living the holy life in Christ.

Man is his own worst enemy because he refuses the gift of life offered by God in Christ. People who continue rationalizing how to achieve salvation by doing good or who think God will judge them on a balance sheet will be very sorry when they’re asked by God on what basis they deserve to enter His heaven. Jesus came into the world to pay the penalty which God ordains against sinners in our place. He died in our place and rose again. If we believe and make Him Lord of our lives we will be saved. What do you think? Will you make Him your Lord today?

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