Summary: Hpow God’s grace, no matter where you are, can bring you back to Father’s house


Luke 15:17-24

INTRO: In the reading of Luke 15 often referred to as the “Great Lost Chapter” we read of the life of a young man who seemed to have it made at home. But there came a time when this young man took on the spirit of rebellion and decided to run away and leave the safety and love of his home and wandered out into a place he knew very little about. We read how he took his portion and strayed into a far country and wasted everything he had been given on riotous living. Not only did he waste his substance on riotous living he ruined himself by riotous living. We find after all he had was gone he found himself in a hog pen. Usually when any preaching is done out of this chapter the Prodigal Son gets most of the story. But I want to look at another vital part of this encounter. Without the love and compassion of the father the son would have went home and became a servant or possibly an empty house. I want to preach on this subject “A PICTURE OF GRACE”


A. Verse 20 says a lot about the condition of the father

B. Without a doubt the father had begged him not to leave and asked him to stay at home

C. However rebellion was stronger than the request of the father

D. And as the soon left the house and walked until he got out of sight the worrying of the father settled in

E. Each night he would leave the home fires burning just in case the son decided to come home he would have a light to follow

F. Each day he would hear the people talk saying that boy has been gone so long he is not coming back

G. Maybe they said he is as good as dead


A. Day after day the father would step onto the roof top and look as far as he could see in hopes his wandering son would be coming home

B. But days past and the son did not return

C. Without a doubt he wondered if his son was okay. He wondered if the values and morals he had been taught as a little boy would stick with him when he hit rock bottom

D. In an effort to find his son I can see the Father packing up and going out searching.

E. The heat of the day would not stop his search and to cool of the night did not hinder him

F. But after much searching the son could not be found


A. No doubt the father wished time and time again maybe he could have done something different to make him stay

B. He wished his son was inside the home safe and secure from the elements of the world

C. Maybe he wished that he had raised him different

D. He just wished things were different


A. But there came a day when all of the worrying, wondering and the wishing paid off

B. As the father had done day in and day out without fail he looked from the roof top of the home and saw somebody far off coming toward the house

C. And as he got closer the father saw a bruised , mangled and battered figure stumbling up the roadway

D. Most could not even recognize the Prodigal Son because of the beating the world had given him

E. But the father seen through all of the filth, bruising and the smell and knew without a doubt it was his son

F. Vs. 20 says his (… father saw him and had compassion, and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him)

G. The father didn’t care how he smelled he was just willing to take him as he was a

H. (Luke 15:21) And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in they sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son

I. (Luke 15:22) But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet.

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