Summary: Sometimes God leads us to a place where we can’t go nowhere but to Him!


A) In this Psalm, the place called “wits’ end” is on a ship’s deck in a storm-tossed sea!

* Giant waves carry the ship up to the heavens, then drop it down to the depths.

* Powerful winds toss it back and forth so that none of the sailors can find their “sea legs.”

* They stagger across the deck like drunken men.

B) The ship’s sails are tattered and ripped, and wave after powerful wave crashes onto the deck! * The sailors have to struggle just to hold on.

* It looks like it’s all over for them, and they’re in total despair.

* They are helpless ... They are vulnerable to the power of the elements ... They are unable to stop

the storm, and they are powerless to save themselves!

C) These sailors have come to a place called “wit’s end.”

* It is a condition that afflicts all Christians at one time or another.

* This phrase means simply, “having lost or exhausted any possibility of perceiving or thinking of

a way out.” * In short, it is the end of all human ability and resources!

* There is no escape ... No help ... No deliverance, other than in God Himself!

D) Perhaps you have already arrived at “wits’ end!”

* Like the sailors aboard the ship, you have simply been going about your business, moving on in

your walk with Jesus! * Then one day, out of nowhere, a storm hit .......

* And waves of trouble came crashing down on you from all sides!

E) Life’s troubles seldom come one at a time! * They’re like the waves in a storm .......

* Coming one after another, fast and furious, mounting higher and higher.

* It’s as if the sun has gone down, the air has turned cold and icy, and the winds of trouble have

begun beating down.

* Like the sailors in Psalm 107, your “... soul is melted because of trouble ...” (v.26).

* The Hebrew word for melted here means “fainting with fear.”

F) Please note: God Himself has initiated this storm (v.25)!

* He’s the One who brought the sailors to this place.

* He’s the One raising the wind, stirring up the waves, tossing the ship ... It is all His doing!

* Yet, this can be a great encouragement to our faith whenever troubles hit us from all sides.

* We have the knowledge that all troubles and storms in life have been ordained by God, for those

who walk in righteousness!

G They aren’t always caused by the devil or some particular sin .......

* It says the Lord has brought us to wits’ end, and He has a purpose in it all! * 1 Peter 4:12-13 ...

H) God is not surprised by your ordeal! * In fact, it is happening because He wants to produce

something in your heart ... To reveal His glory in you!

* Yet you may feel it is absolutely the worst storm in your life!

* Your trial may be a financial struggle, job troubles, slander, family problems or a personal

tragedy ... You go to bed at night with a restlessness inside, a cloud hanging over you.

* When you awaken, the dull ache is still with you.

* And it keeps hanging on until one day you wake up crying, “God, how much more do I have to

endure? How long will You allow me to go through this? When will it all end?”

I) When did the storm stop for the sailors in Psalm 107?

* When did God bring them into their desired safe haven?

* According to the Psalmist, two things happened:

I) First, the sailors came to their wits’ end, giving up on all human hope or help!

* They said, “There’s no way we can save ourselves ... Nobody on earth can get us out of this!”

* 2nd, they cried to the Lord in the midst of their trouble, turning to Him alone for help – (v.28-31)

* If you are a true child of God, and if you’re set on allowing Him to mold you into the image of

His Son .......

* Then your battle won’t stop until you give up trying to figure it all out and throw yourself

completely into God’s care.

* Until He has accomplished His eternal purposes in you, your troubles will only continue to rage!

J) Right now, you could be keeping your storm raging ... Your troubles piling up!

* You could be missing the calm that God wants to bring to you! * How does this happen?

* It happens when you keep questioning the Lord in the midst of your crisis .......

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