Summary: Testimony, Witness, Unashamed of Jesus

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John 4:27-38 (p. 742) March 29, 2015


“Faith comes by hearing”...that’s what the Apostle Paul told the Christians in Rome.

You cannot believe in something that’s never been communicated to you. And amazingly Jesus’ plan for the salvation of the entire world would be that “His follower” would be the communicators of this “good news.”

I get this picture in my mind...

When Jesus ascended to heaven after his mission on earth, the angels asked him, “Did you accomplish your task?”

“Yes. All is finished.”

“We have a second question,” said the angels. “Has the whole world heard of you?”

“No,” he said, “not yet.”

“Then what is your plan?”

Jesus said, “I have left 12 men and some other followers to carry the message to the whole world.”

The angels looked at one another, down onto the earth, then back at him. “What is your Plan B?”

His answer: “There is no plan B.”

In John Chapter 4 Jesus is teaching not only the Samaritan woman, but His followers an essential truth... “Lost people are valuable to God...lost people are why I’m here...but people are my priority.”

Not because they are targets, or notches I can carve into my gospel gun because I’ve converted them...They are important because they are people “created in the image of God.” The Samaritan woman never felt Jesus was talking AT her...or that she was just a target...Jesus, according to John in his gospel “came from the Father full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14)

And Jesus never avoids the truth...whether it’s about her life, or when she tries to sidestep it with a discussion on worship...but He just as passionately pursues her with grace. “If you knew who it was that asks you for a drink you’d ask Him for living water!” She almost cries out after looking at the truth “I know that Messiah is coming...He’ll explain it all to us!” And Jesus responds, “The one speaking to you is that Messiah...I AM He.”


That doesn’t mean that some good things don’t happen...I’m sure even in this woman’s life there were some “good moments.” The birth of a baby...Her wedding days...First loves...the trip to her aunts.

God’s grace...His goodness is given to the best of us and to the worst of us...That’s why grace drives “so called good people” and religious people crazy...Grace isn’t fair...God apportions it as He sees fit...It’s a gift...not as some would prefer...a pay check for good works.

It’s why Jesus tells the story of workers who work all day in order to receive a promised coin...but other workers are called all through the day...including an hour before quitting time...each are given the same coin...and even though the original workers get what they agreed to...they question the fairness of the owner doing this. He simply says...You get what was agreed’s only Money...and I can do with it as I please!” At the end of this story the landowner asks “Are you envious because I am generous?” And it finishes... “So the last will be first and the first will be last.” (Matthew 20:1-16)

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